Thursday , October 28 2021

Mouth presented its reinforcements in an original way – 2019.01.26


At the time of the official debut in 2019, from Boca they announced their new reinforcements and they did it in an original way: the club prepared shorts with drawings that review the history of each of its additions.

The artistic initiative, in addition, included drawings that accompany the videos. Each one of them has a title that he describes. "Marcone, from the Boca Viaduct" for the midfielder, "Alonso, the Guaraní harp" for the central scoreboard, "Campuzano, in the rhythm of Colombia" for the coffee cup and "Diaz, to fly to the Chocolate" to present to the archer.

Will it take a new video on the weekend? On Monday it is likely that the club will close the incorporation of Lisandro López, the central score that belongs to Benfica and who comes to play in Genoa. Known by Gustavo Alfaro (it was his DT in Arsenal), López will come to loan for 12 months and with a purchase option. Thus, the club will have a replacement for Paolo Goltz, who will lose what remains of the Super League for arthroscopy in the right knee.

The squad, in the meantime, settled in Rosario on the waiting for the match against Newell's for the resignation of the Superliga. Without Nandez (he did not travel because his contractual situation was not yet resolved) or Paolo Goltz, but with Carlos Tevez as a bearer, the Alfaro team will have its official opening in 2019 after the friendly against Union and Aldosivi.

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