Sunday , October 2 2022

Museum Night: behind 15 hours a day


Calder mobilizes in Pro, an irresistible and complex attraction

At the same time when the superclasico Boca-Rijeka is over, the art facilities in the city open their doors

The night of the museum is 15 years old, and for those weird things about football, the celebration coincides with the first game

of the

Cup Libertadores
. This afternoon, from 17, the Bottle and the River face the Bombers, so it is expected that the south of the city will be full of fans for up to 19 years.

After 20, public and private museums will open the door to the public with a program of activities that will last until 3am. The Superclick challenged in La Bocca did not change the plans of the nearby institutions: Proa, along with the sample of Alexander Calder, will have a free entrance of 19 hours. The delights of Arte, the Museum of Contemporary Art and the Cinema Museum have kept their programming as planned before it is defined , as an exceptional event, the two most popular local teams play today in Buenos Aires. It will be a different night, especially for those who visit La Bocca and the surrounding area.

Every year, new spaces are added: in this edition there are more than 280 museums, galleries, libraries and cultural centers; 30 more than in 2017. With a future as a thematic focus of activities, the public will be able to visit important permanent and temporary exhibitions such as Turner's selection of watercolors in Fine Arts and mobile by Calder en Proa. Also, others are linked to the leading role of women, inclusion, gender diversity and technology. There will be, as always, concrete suggestions for families with children in the C3, the National Library and the Congress Library, among others.

The main station of the art district, Proa offers guides through the exhibition "Alekander Calder, Meeting Meeting" between 19 and midnight. Those who have not yet seen the show will have the opportunity to appreciate about sixty works by an American artist made over six decades. And those who decide to stay in Proy, at least as fans do not get out of control, they can opt for a coffee shop that looks at Vuelta de Rocha and bookstores, which will stay open all night.

Watercolor Turner: from London Tate to Buenos Aires
Watercolor Turner: from London Tate to Buenos Aires

On several blocks in Cosa del Arte inaugurates "Guerrilla Girls: the Art of Bad Behavior", a retrospective that includes 30 years of collective feminist artists. In addition to the Cinema Museum, the exhibition "Cuadro a cuadro: 101 anos de animation argentina" continues, a visual journey through the pioneers of the genre in the country.

El Moderno opens today at 18 o'clock two exhibitions: "Permanent lighting: the fearless march of the collection Modern and Nicolas Mastracchio. Pulse." In addition, within the Bioskop cycle is something else, it will be visible on the ground floor of the San Juan 350 building, from 20,
Flaneur de Orione, video installation Toia Bonino. Another resident cycle of Mamba, Listen [Sonidos visuales], it coincides with the Night of the Museum for the first time. From 20, live music and sound shows will be held in the auditorium for seven hours.

In the northern corridor, the mandatory station this year is Fine Arts, which offers an exceptional Turnera sample for free. This time, it is justified that the public supports and waits for a long time to enter the museum not only because it is the first time that watercolor artists are exposed in the country (and Latin America), but because, except on Tuesdays, look at the sample you should pay 100 USD entrance . The museum opens after 18. Between 20:30 and 23:30 will be an ideal activity for art lovers: a tour of the library, specialist Alejandro Grinberg. For those in that area, it is worth visiting Malba, who is making works from his collection of Latin American art from the period 1900-1970.

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