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Nacho Viale and Tini Stoessel: rumors of romance – 2018.12.30


A few hours before the end of 2018, 1:00 p.m. new romance In the local showroom it was confirmed. Is that, as the journalist explained Susana Roccasalvo, Nacho Viale (37) i Martina Tini Stoessel (21) are in pairs.

The news was known when the conductor of # 39; relentless (The New one, at 20) visited another well-known series of this channel, confronted (The New one, at 15), and explained the primicia.

"It's been a few hours ago Nacho Viale separated And it's been known for hours that a famous Argentine woman also separated. What a coincidence he knew with a week of difference! "It started ironically about Roccasalvo.

The conductor referred to the break between the young actress and singer with her Spanish boyfriend, Pepe Barroso Silva (22), and the recent announcement made by Lourdes Sánchez a The angels in the morning (The Thirteen, at 10.30), on the separation between the producer and Lucia Pedraza (27), his girlfriend for two years.

Tini Stoessel. (Instagram)

Tini Stoessel. (Instagram)

"I found out about 24 at night and I want to be the first of this program. Love has been born, and it is confirmed, between Mr. Nacho Viale and Tini Stoessel. What a couple! What a fire! ", He extended his data Roccasalvo.

In addition, the figure of the New one explained that a month ago "she appeared at the theater and he was in the box with people from her environment." "They have been talking for a month"The journalist added.

This Saturday, a relentless, Susana gave more details of the novel, which was already denied by Nacho. "You know that nowadays the foam is in 30 seconds and it seemed good to me to explain it. I learned about the night at night, in the middle of Christmas nightThey went to deny me, as many romances as I have, "he said.

And he closed: "Boys are boys, it's not like other times, they took more care of their forms. They cut off with their previous couples and wanted to catch themselves for a while (To be shown together), but when one is famous the times are shortened. "

Nacho Viale next to his dog. (Instagram)

Nacho Viale next to his dog. (Instagram)

For his part, Nacho, during his engagement with Pedraza was linked to Carolina Pampita Ardohain (40) i Soledad Fandiño (36), denied all kinds of relationship with the former Violetta.

"¡¡¡Ehhhh! Send her a kiss, yajajaja. As far as the year goes by, review the romances that invented me. I do not speak of my private life ever, and what say whatever they want. I am traveling, what do I know … all right, "said the grandson of Mirtha Legrand (90) when viewed by the portal firsts already.

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