Saturday , April 17 2021

NASA warned about an Antarctic glacier that threatens to increase sea levels

the National Administration of Aeronautics and Space (NASA, For the acronym in English) warned about the disintegration from thwaites glacier to the Antarctica western, who it would increase the level of the sea.

a gigantic cavity, 40 kilometers square and 300 meters high, grows at the bottom of the Thwaites. The scientists emphasized the need to observe in detail the lower part of the Antarctic glaciers, as this way they can calculate how rapidly global levels of the sea will rise as a response in the global warming.

While the researchers hoped to find some gaps between ice and rock bottom, the size and growth rate of the new hole surprised them, as it is large enough to contain 14,000 million tons of ice, i Most of this ice melted in the last three years.

"For years we suspect that the Thwaites were not firmly attached to their rocky base," he said Eric Rignot, Researcher at the University of California and NASA, in a statement from the agency. To confirm the hypothesis, the scientist and his colleagues used new radars capable of penetrating the thick layer of ice.

This glacier is responsible for approximately the 4% rising sea levels: it can raise the world ocean a little over two centimeters. too it supports neighboring glaciers that would raise the level to 2.4 centimeters if all the ice was lost.

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