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Neither in the calculations of Lagarde: Argentina's public debt is already a whole PBI


It is largely due to the brutal devaluation of 2018. In 2017 it had closed at 53.4%. I lost the ANSES and the IMF wins.

December 30, 2018

Due to the immense devaluation of 2018 and the constant indebtedness of the Government, the public debt, that Cristina and Néstor Kirchner reduced to 40% of GDP, it reached 95.4%, It is practically the same size as the gross domestic product.

This way the money is caused both internally and externally jumped to $ 307,656,000. If you include what is still due to the PBI coupon, It would be $ 3,350,955 million and jump to 99.5% of the gross domestic product.

The most alarming is the increase it had during 2018, since In the same date of 2017, it was 53.4% ​​of GDP.

In parallel, in just 12 months, Debt was devalued with public bodiesAs is the case with ANSeS (or $ 21,864 million), since Most of its assets are in pesos, while increasing debt with private entities (or $ 388 million) and international organizations, such as the IMF, (O $ s15.424 million) with its key moment after the disbursement of funds in the last months of the year.

The most alarming is that these numbers are much higher than those projected for the leading body Christine Lagarde, since the paper Last June, which supported the agreement with Argentina, expected that public debt could reach 2018 from 57.1 to 64.5% of GDP, and then start descending.

Above, the document presented an "adverse scenario" with an annual closure of 68.6% of GDP. In its second revision of December, the IMF raised it to 78% of the GDP, a number considerably lower than it was launched now.

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