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October 17: The message of Alberto Fernandez | “Let’s celebrate this celebration of democracy together”


The President of the Nation, Alberto Fernández, Posted a message on his Twitter account alluding to Loyalty Day, which is held every October 17th.

The publication includes a video with images of that historic day in 1945 in which there was a great mobilization of workers and unions in the Plaza de Mayo of Buenos Aires demanding the release of the then colonel Juan Domingo Perón.

“76 years ago, Argentines took to the streets to demand the release of a colonel who defended those who worked. This day marked a path of unbreakable loyalty to the people“, Alberto Fernández expressed.

“Companions, we celebrate this celebration of democracy together “, Ends the tweet, which closes with the iconic Peronist gesture of the V of victory.

The video is narrated by Perón, who had been arrested a few days before and then – 4 months after his release – would become the President of the Argentine Republic.

Perón explains how he lived that day while listening to people’s complaints in the background: “We want Perón!“.

Towards the end of the video, the closing of the speech that Perón made that October 17 in front of an impressive crowd of fans appears.

“Answers to the vast majorities”

In his capacity as president and head of the Justicialist Party (PJ), Fernández shared another message for the 76th anniversary of Loyalty Day. “Peronism was born to bring them answers to the vast majorities. To the workers, to the middle classes, to the small and middle employers “.

The president assured that is going “to recover this Argentina in which everyone could study, could work, buy their homes and fulfill their dreams“In a message spread through the social networks of the PJ.

“Argentina has unleashed its full scientific and productive potential to generate employment” and will be “a more powerful and more integrated country” that “contains all and sundry,” the first president said in a video of a little more than 7 minutes, at a time when he criticized those who “promote selfishness and false individualistic outbursts.”

The President recalled the mobilization of October 17, where “the people took to the streets to fight for the life and freedom of those who had granted them social rights “, and he remarked that “They left with a single flag, the Argentine flag”. “On this day, at this moment, Peronism was born”, he stated

Fernández said that today “we need to understand our history in order to think about the future of the country” and overcome the crisis that the country and the world are going through.

“Today we embrace those who are in poverty, those who are unemployed, those who have difficulty reaching the end of the month. We are hurt by each of the difficulties that are experienced in our Argentina,” he said.

And he added: “The way out is for everyone and for everyone. The way out is with everyone and everyone”. He also said that “the first steps of recovery” can be seen. “We are accelerating reactivation so that it reaches every home in our country as soon as possible,” he stressed.

“We are going to recover this Argentina in which everyone could study, could work, buy their homes and fulfill their dreams. We will achieve this. Argentina will be a more powerful and more integrated country,” he concluded. “We are rebuilding this Argentina, with memory and looking to a future. A future that contains everyone. “

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