Monday , September 26 2022

Off: Carolina Stanley, in the sight of Rodríguez Larreta for the City


Source: THE NATION – Credit: Fabián Marelli

In the cabinet of

Horaci Rodríguez Larreta

There is a premise: "You have to preserve" Diego Santillian for the next turn, that is, the elections of 2023. With admirable anticipation, near the head of the Buenosairean government believe that the 2019 victory is very likely, so that already They think about booking "colorful" and that this is not a candidate for the vice mayor this year. Who would be its replacement? In Parque Patricios, enthusiasts with

Carolina Stanley,

Minister of Social Development and very close to Larreta.

Massa's campaign phrases flooded Twitter

Sergio Massa

Yesterday he gave new signals that his strategy for this year will be the microcampaign. In addition to his travels by truck in the country, the leader who aspires to be president was very active in his Twitter account. As if it were famous speeches of a prose, the team of the national ex-deputy of the Renewal Front upload images edited in black and white that show his face accompanied by a phrase that questions the management of Change.

Reaction to the networks for a tweet from Aníbal Fernández

A strong negative reaction generated on social networks
a video that's out of the Cabinet

Aníbal Fernández

upload to Twitter, in which he shows songs against President Maurici Macri in a restaurant in Mar del Plata.

"MDQ, Macri and Vidal to all the prayers," ironically wrote the Kirchnerist ex-official to spread the restaurant scene, in which several protesters – who add occasional diners – incriminating with strong insults the president and the governor of Buenos Aires, María Eugenia Vidal. In the images, he warns a particular intimidation when focusing on the foreground four women who converse among themselves, other people's to the episode, and who do not adhere to the mood of strong insults generated in the venue.

Several users of Twitter reacted against the broadcast of the video and questioned Fernandez to replicate it in the networks. "Shame would have to give him, annoy these poor ladies. The bass they can no longer fall," wrote Cecilia Rossi, in a tweet. "They went for everything and they ended up grazing four women who are eating in a restaurant. What a shame you give, Aníbal," added @ micrioqcamendoza, also outraged.

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