Friday , July 30 2021

Pizzi has already defined Racing’s eleven against Godoy Cruz

The match with River has been forgotten and Pizzi has in mind a team with another premise in Racing. Far from the caution and precautions taken in the Monumental, the DT stopped in the last hours an alignment thinking of violating Godoy Cruz this Sunday in the Cylinder.

Knowing that Chancalay suffers in the second point position, Pizzi will bet on the youthful Maggi as second striker. That’s why Chanca will play in a band, a more common position for him. Enzo Copetti will no longer be alone in the attack and will have company on the offensive. In fact, the best version seen at the former Atlético Rafaela was when Maggi came in to accompany him, two strikers who understand each other and very well. Or at least that was demonstrated in recent games.

Unmissable broadcast of Racing Viu.

Against River, the tactical approach put forward by Juan Antonio Pizzi did not take place for the Chinese. However, it was understood that the tactic carried out was by the rival and the context. It was logical that against Godoy Cruz the match would be completely different. For that reason, the entrance of Iván Maggi to the titular equipment. Now, Copetti will have an ideal Ladero, something he always had in the last minutes of the second half.

The team that stopped Juan Antonio Pizzi thinking about the Tomb is: Gabriel Arias; Fabricio Domínguez, Leonardo Sigali, Joaquín Novillo, Eugenio Mena; Kevin Gutiérrez, Tomás Chancalay, Leonel Miranda, Ignacio Piatti, Enzo Copetti and Iván Maggi. These would be the 11 that would hit the track on Sunday at 9pm to receive Godoy Cruz.

After 5 games Pizzi will put two strikers in Racing

The Argentine Super Cup made a lot of noise at the Academy and Juan Antonio Pizzi. The coach understood that it was necessary to first give defensive solidity to the team and then think about the attack. Perhaps this is one of the reasons Racing played, with only one striker, since the start. The only time he came close to putting two points was against Sportivo Belgrano, because he played Lorenzo Melgarejo as Enzo Copetti’s second striker. The truth is that, with the entry of Iván Maggi, ACADE will now have two natural strikers from the start of the match.

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