Sunday , February 28 2021

Press calls for the cessation of abuse by Meghan Markle and Kate in social networks

LONDON, ANGLATERRA.-The British press urged users of social networks to lower the tone of inappropriate criticisms towards Meghan Markle, the duchess of Sussex, and Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge.

Palace spokespeople have sought the help of Instagram to monitor and remove offensive comments about the two duchesses, those who are married to Prince Harry and Prince William.

Palace assistants spent hours each week moderating comments on the official palace account on Instagram and withdrawing racist and sexist content.

In recent months it has been rumored that Meghan and Kate have been inundated, which in part could have fueled online abuse with admirers of a duchess criticizing the other in terms very personal

Meghan, an American actress who married Enrique in May, is awaiting her first child and some users of social networks and members of the press have criticized her for holding her "pregnancy panc "during public commitments.

The Times reported Tuesday in an editorial entitled "Disapproval" that many of the comments on Meghan and Kate are too aggressive to publish and have included threats.

"Women receive more abuse online than men and this sad truth seems to apply in the same way to the real family," the newspaper said.

He also criticized the deal with Rachel Riley, a British TV personality who complained about a torrent of anti-Semitic abuse on Twitter.

In response to the increase in abusive comments aimed at women in the royal family, Hello! This week launched a campaign of "kindness" urging trolls to think twice before publishing bad comments.

"For us, it is not acceptable to cause a fight between two women," said the magazine's real correspondent, Emily Nash, in a video announcing the campaign. "It is not acceptable to publish abusive, threatening, racist or sexist comments on the internet. It is not acceptable to attack other users because they are not in your agreement."

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