Sunday , October 2 2022

PUMP: the news that a lover of the Ford F-150 and its V6 and V8 engines wanted to hear


Again, it is very hard for you petrolheads ("Naphtha heads"): Ford will electrify the range of the F-150, its large pick up. Not only will it do it with hybrid versions, but also with completely free options for emissions of polluting gases.

This was confirmed by the president of the world's Ford markets, Jim Farley, in a dialogue with the Detroit Free Press environment during the Motor Show that is being carried out in that American city. He did not give dates, but it will be from the next generation (It will be presented in 2020).

The announcement came in a very special moment: in the United States, fanatics of large pick ups (and with combustion engines, of course) They are blocking electric chargers of Tesla to stand against the progress of "green" vehicles.

In addition, the electrification to arrive right at the Ford F-150 has an added value: It is the best-selling model in North America, Including performances, and the most successful pick up in the world. Last year, more than one million units were delivered.

Electrification will reach the F-150 range from the next generation.
Electrification will reach the F-150 range from the next generation.

Very close to Argentina

The Ford F-150 and F-150 Raptor will be on sale at the local market this year. It will be between June and July, for a starting price of 65 thousand dollars, About 2.4 million pesos. The value of the mid and top variant variants will have a higher value. They will come from the United States.

yet the range configuration was not announcedBut it is already known that the F-150 Platinum version will offer panoramic roof, electric stanchions, stairs to door access and 360 degree vision camera. The F-150 Raptor, for its part, will have a handling assistant with up to six off-road modes.

The return of the F Series in country has one symbolic weight very significant from the departure of the F-100 the series does not have a member in the country.

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