Sunday , October 17 2021

Racing won him in Aldosivi and continues to the limit of the Super League

Racing resume your step to the Superliga This Saturday with a good triumph for 3-1 on Whimsical In Mar del Plata, to prove he did not feel the pressure of Defense and Justice, that he had reached the top, and kept up with a three point lead.

Eduardo Germán Coudet's shot from the left was easily saved in the head of Luciano Pocrnjic. Augusto Solari reluctantly made way for Augusto Solari on the pitch. But at 26, Cristian Chávez appeared on the left and matched after overtaking Gabriel Arias.

The addition of the complement was also favorable to the Academy: Lucas Villalba lowered a ball with his hand to the area and, at eight, Lisandro López He placed the second penalty with a shot to the right of the archer.

In a runaway process, the visit could not break the suspense until 47, when Darío Cvitanich, Who added his first minutes to those of Avellaneda after replacing Licha, put the strawberry in the dessert closing an attack with a low shot to left Pocrnjic.

Thus, without too many lights but also without fuss, Racing showed his strength to stay firmly up. In Shark, however, now its South American place is shut.

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