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Raise and strike a group driver in Moreno: there are 8 lines of unemployment in the west – 2019.02.01

"They went on to assault – they hit a head in the head, took him out of the route, robbed all of the passengers and lowered the shots. Apparently they were under age," one of the colleagues told of the chauffeur assaulted during the night of Thursday.

A band of at least three criminals assaulted a group that circulated through Moreno, He struck the driver, steal the passengers and carried out three shots with a gun before fleeing, Reason why the workers of the eight lines of transport that belong to the same company initiated a halt in claim of security.

The assaulted group is of line 269 and integrates the signature "Company 126 S.A." along with the 166, 216, 236, 395, 441, 443 and 504, Which covers the route in different neighborhoods of the western part of the conurbano and that remain unemployed from last night at 22.

The sources reported that the assault took place at the height of the streets Lemos and Magallanes, in the Marilo district, of Moreno, when criminals who They were boarding passengers They extracted weapons and threatened all the people who were there.

To the driver, they also gave him Blows with the head of a weapon in the head and before escaping they made three shots inside the unit, without being injured.

According to the witnesses, thieves appeared to be under age. Due to the repeated robberies in the area. The drivers of this line and the other seven of the same company demand more security measures to be able to work calmly.

The cause is investigated by the office of turn of Moreno and General Rodriguez, along with personnel of the Departmental Prefecture of Moreno.

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