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Refund of 50% of tourism expenditure: the Government again changed the deadlines for accessing the benefit


Already with the summer season started, the National Government has again changed the deadlines for making reservations and accessing the benefit of the preview program released by Ministry of Tourism and Sports of the Nation. It did so through provision 7/2020, published this Sunday in the Official Bulletin.

Originally, this measure, which proposes a refund of 50% of tourism expenditure, was for the advance purchases conducted in November. This benefit, which applies only to travel to local destinations, was planned and regulated with the aim of reactivating one of the items most affected by the COVID-19 pandemic and the months of confinement.

With this latest change introduced by the Undersecretary for Tourism Promotion and New Products, Which leads Andrés Krymer, In charge of the program, the initiative remains the same, but the deadlines were run once again.

This way, purchases made until November 20, 2020 will grant a refund that can be used for tourist services from January 1, 2021; those made between November 21 and December 11, to be used from February 1, 2021; and those that take place between December 12 and December 31, to change from March 1, 2021.

The benefit applies only to the purchase of services to travel around the country
The benefit applies only to the purchase of services to travel around the country

As reported officially, by the middle of last month they had already joined more than 110,000 people in the Pre-Program, originally released last October. Among the destinations most sought after by customers are Rio Negro, Buenos Aires, Tierra del Fuego, Santa Cruz and Córdoba

For their part, more than 11,000 tourism service providers from all over the country registered with the register to take part in the aforementioned plan to promote the activity. Until the first week of November, between travel and contracted services, a total of 1.7 billion pesos was added.

Terra de l'Foc, one of the most sought after destinations by local tourists
Terra de l’Foc, one of the most sought after destinations by local tourists

How does the program work?

To participate, you must enter and register on the page, complete personal data, information on the trip to be made and upload the receipts. The approved benefit – 50% of the expense incurred, with a limit of $ 100,000 – will be credited to an electronic wallet or a preloaded card issued by the Bank of the Nation. Businesses must then accept Mastercard or payment via QR code for the BNA + Electronic Portfolio.

What are the requirements to access the benefit?

It can be accessed by anyone through their CUIT or CUIL, over the age of 18, who complies with the identity verification steps and declares a domicile in Argentina.

What is the benefit?

For each advance purchase from travel agencies, accommodation, air and ground tickets or other tourist services made until December 31, 2020 to travel through Argentina in 2021 you will receive a credit equivalent to 50% of purchases made. It can be spent throughout the Argentine tourism sector.

Is there a maximum amount per person or family?

The benefit has a maximum total amount of $ 100,000 and a minimum amount of $ 5,000 per person. Advance purchases at travel agencies, lodging, cabotage and land transportation will generate up to $ 100,000 in profit. All other tourist services will generate up to $ 5,000 accumulated between them all.

The possibility of changing the benefit will be enabled once the minimum accumulated sum of $ 10,000 has been reached between one or more vouchers. The minimum amount per voucher is $ 1,000. B, C, air ticket or ticket and ticket can be presented in case of land transport.

The tourism sector was one of the hardest hit by the pandemic
The tourism sector was one of the hardest hit by the pandemic

What about purchases made in installments?

For the credit, the amount indicated on the invoice will be recognized.

Since when and where can credit be used?

The credit granted will be available from the date of the trip or provision of service. If on the return trip, there is still credit available, it can be spent in the tourism sector across the country. For example, in gastronomy.

How much does a pre-charged card cost?

From the Ministry of Tourism clarify that the shipment can take between 30 and 45 days and the card will have an issue cost of $ 210 to weaken the credit granted.

Among the considerations of the provision published this Sunday, the Government noted that “tourism activity is a priority within the policies of the National State”, as this is a socio-economic activity, strategic and essential for the development of the Republic Argentina “.

For this reason, and in view of the “interest aroused in the citizens” by this program, the Undersecretariat for Tourism Promotion advised “to extend the deadlines in a timely manner” indicated.

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