Wednesday , October 5 2022

Relief due to the strong loss of country risk


Mauricio's Government Finance Department Macri had a week of tranquility due to the sharp drop in the country risk that was registered in recent days. The recovery that could be observed during the beginning of 2019 meant that the indicator ended yesterday at 672 points, 160 points less than the peak reached in December.

The data is added to the downside experienced by the dollar during the last wheel of the week. The US currency has dropped 17 cents today and closed at $ 38.56 on average for sale to the public in the main national banks, while the Liquidity Letter rate stays in the downturn and ended at 57.253 %.

In the wholesale segment, the dollar dropped to $ 37.58 but remained at the top of the float band, which today ran between $ 37.55 and $ 48.59.

In this way, the wholesaler operated the entire wheel within the non-intervention zone arranged by the Central Bank, avoiding – as yesterday – the intervention of the monetary unit in the single market and free of change.

With this value, the dollar will open next Monday equaling the value of the band's flat.

The last low risk country is explained by the rise in sovereign bonds, which closed the week with a positive trend. A note from the newspaper Clarín pointed out that the decline of the country risk is superimposed with the inflation figures that these days remembered the very bad annual number -47.6% – with the downward trend that is showing the # 39 ; CPI from the peak reached in October.

It also shares information space with the very bad economic activity numbers, which the Government expects to begin reversing from the second quarter, when it is living in the full amount of dollars from the heavy crop.


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