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Rocket report: Iranian Booster Failure, Short SpaceX, Vulcan near the final design


It starts a falcon rocket 9 from the base of the Vandenberg Air Force.
Wide / It starts a falcon rocket 9 from the base of the Vandenberg Air Force.

Welcome to edition 1.32 of the Rocket report! As we go deeper into the new year, the launch business begins to warm up, especially among the smaller rockets. Companies are looking for launch sites, securing launch contracts, and fighting on the development of their rockets. This will be just a great year for small seat launchers, and we will do everything possible to keep up to date with everything.

As always, we welcome readers' presentations and, if you do not want to lose a problem, sign up using the box below (the form will not appear in the versions enabled by AMP of the site). Each report will include information on small, medium and heavy lifting rockets, as well as a quick look at the next three calendar launches.

Relativity Space to launch from the historic site of Florida. The company that aspires to print 3D almost all of its rockets has reached an agreement with the US Air Force to launch it from the historic facilities of the Cape Air Force station Canaveral to Florida. The Relativity site said on Thursday it has a multi-year contract to build and operate its own rocket launch facilities at Launch Complex 16, Ars reports.

Up to a 25-year contract … Under the terms of the agreement granted competitively, the site will be officially a "multiuser" service for five years. However, if Relativity meets certain milestones and starts rocketing regularly, it will be possible to convert the agreement into an exclusive right of 20 years to use the launch site. "This was, without a doubt, our best option, I would say, in short," said Relativity co-founder Tim Ellis. "We looked at all the launch sites in the United States."

There has been a failure in the Iranian launch of small satellites. The third stage of an Iranian Simorgh rocket failed on Tuesday, preventing the reinforcement from placing the Payam satellite of 90 kilograms in orbit. Before the launch, Iran said it had the intention of sending two non-military satellites, Payam and Doosti, to the orbit. Payam, which means "message" in Farsi, was a satellite of images that Iranian officials said would help agriculture and other activities, informs the AP.

US worried about the launching program … United States Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has alleged that Iran's space program acts as a precursor to the development of a missile capable of carrying a nuclear weapon at Continental United States Regardless, it is not clear how this failure will affect the plans of the country to launch the Doosti satellite. The Simorgh rocket used in the Tuesday launch attempt is believed to have a capacity of about 350 kilograms at the Earth's low orbit. (sent by Ken the Bin)

China's signing receives the smallsat throwing profit. Through the China Great Wall Industry Corporation, China's new Long 6 Rocket rocket won an important commercial launching contract, with an agreement of up to six flights for two years to deploy 90 small remote sensing satellites for Satellogic based in Argentina. The contract comes in the midst of increased competition in the smallsat launch market, Ars points out.

Launches quoted availability … Emiliano Kargieman, founder and CEO of Satellogic, said the company examined a number of launching providers, including Rocket Lab and other emerging companies. "With all small business companies online, we will definitely consider them for future plans," said Kargieman. "But for the deployment that we have to do in the next 24 months, this relationship offers us the best option to meet this goal." Tencent, based in China, has helped make money for Satellogic.

The green eyes of Guam start the site with interest. Although they have not signed final agreements, the Virgin Orbit executives say that they are looking closely for Cosmic Girl missions flying from Guam as the base of the LauncherOne rocket. "We have looked around," said Richard DalBello, vice president of business development and government affairs for Virgin Orbit The Guam Daily Post. "There are other alternatives," but "we believe Guam is the best alternative."

A few weeks at a time … The officers of the Virgin explained the role they saw in Cosmic Girl plane in North America for a period of four to eight weeks, during which the company would fly a series of missions. The Cosmic Girl would then return to the continental United States. The company and the Guam airport authority have been in talks for nearly a year, and A.B. The authority of the international airport Pat Guam obtained a license from the FAA. (presented by BH)

SpaceX reduces the workforce to achieve "slimmer". SpaceX will dismiss up to 10 percent of its workforce, the company said Friday night. The company characterized labor cuts as "a strategic alignment" designed to ensure that it is positioned to succeed in the long term, Ars reported. Although some reports said that up to 850 people were rescinded from a work force of about 6,000, SpaceX said that cuts were reduced to 10 percent.

From development to operations … "To continue offering our customers and succeed in the development of interplanetary ships and in a space-based global Internet, SpaceX must become a more flexible company," said a company official. These cuts were not unexpected. SpaceX had grown rapidly, needing to launch Falcon 9 several iterations, Dragon, Dragon 2, Falcon Heavy, Starlink, Starship and much more. Now it is done with the development of many of these projects and it is no longer necessary to build hundreds of Merlin engines or dozens of Falcon 9 cores a year. The same with the dragons. So SpaceX needs fewer people in production. When you feel about low cost rockets and reuse, this means that fewer people are needed.

Arianespace faces a challenging year. In the midst of increasing competition and a slowdown in orders of geostationary orders, Arianespace has to find commercial customers for its new Ariane 6 rocket. "By Ariane 6, we aim at 14 releases [for the first model], so production must start very soon for them, and this should be requested very quickly, "said Daniel Neuenschwander, Space Transport Director of ESA this week. Setan d & These releases are intended to be commercial, SpaceNews reports

Here to be "I am always optimistic, but it is extremely difficult," said Neuenschwander. "We are probably facing the biggest challenge for the European space transport sector since the last failure of Ariane 5 in 2002." Regardless of the financial challenges, however, ESA officials reiterated that Europe will continue to negotiate the launch of its own rockets. In general, Arianespace is targeted at 12 releases this year. (presented by Ken the Bin and Unrulycow)

India goes to summer for the second reusable stage test. "We are working on a reusable launch technology to recover the first and second stage of a rocket so we can reuse them to reduce costs and load heavier loads," said the president of the space organization of India, Kailasavadivoo Sivan. India Time. The first stage will land like SpaceX's Falcon 9 rocket, but the second stage will have the shape of a miniature space shuttle, sliding towards the Earth and landing on a landing track.

A helicopter test … Some times in June or July, said the Indian official, a helicopter will launch a model of the second stage ferry with a "considerable height" to determine its ability to move to the Earth An additional proof of orbit would be carried out later. This is an interesting approach to the reuse of the rocket, so we look forward to this test.

SpaceFund values ​​the "reality" of the launch companies. A new effort led by some pioneers of new spaces has published a system of qualification for the credibility of the launching providers. According to his words, "The SpaceFund Reality rating" is an effort to provide critical, intelligent and unpredictable information about the state of the growing space industry and make most of these data be at public as possible ".

An interesting start … Companies have a scale of 9 (Hello SpaceX, United Launch Alliance, among others) to 0 (most of the unfinanced initiatives that you probably never heard of). The SpaceFund "should not be used as the sole basis of any business, investment or association decision." It is not clear how this effort will handle the conflicts of interest, but we appreciate the effort to give more clarity to this industry of diverse and fast launches. Although, undoubtedly, some quibble with the qualifications, it surprises us like a first reasonable stakes in a white moving.

Test support for the nearly complete "Green Run" SLS rocket. The activation of the B-2 test stand at the Stennis Space Center in Mississippi for the "Green Run" test campaign of the first Space Launch System Core Stage is almost complete. NASA and its staff of contractors go into practice and simulate the next tests while the remaining tasks finish, reports

The test may occur around a year … The B-2 testing field has been used previously for Saturn, Shuttle and Delta 4 tests. During the "Green Run" test, it will emit the entire SLS stage to simulate the launch of the vehicle and to upload to the space. It is one of the most important milestones in the preparation of the SLS rocket for its launch. NASA has not yet established a date for the test, which could occur by the end of 2019 or the beginning of 2020. (Sent by Ken the Bin)

The ULA sets a new date for Delta IV Heavy flight. After multiple delays, United Launch Alliance said this week that "everything goes on" towards the heavy launch of Delta IV carrying the NROL-71 mission to the National Reconnaissance Office. The mission will be to build a heavy rocket from Delta IV on Saturday January 19 of the Space Launch Complex-6 at the base of the Vandenberg Air Force in California.

Ready to go? … Start time is at 11:05 a.m. local, Pacific time. The current time is 60%. This is an important mission for the ULA, which began to launch in September before being fired for various technical and meteorological reasons, including a hydrogen leakage in December. See Delta IV The heavy launch is always a good value.

Vulcan rocket design "almost completely ripe". United Launch Alliance will make a definitive review of the design for its new Vulcan fleet ship in a matter of months, said on Wednesday, reports Reuters. "The design is almost completely mature," said the Dane Drefke ULA system testing engineer during a tour of Space Launch Complex 41 at the Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida. The final design review is a decisive step towards the first flight of Vulcan in early 2021.

Work recruits now completed … According to the report, ULA has begun cutting and constructing hardware, and has begun to carry out structural and pressure tests at the Decatur factory in Alabama. The engineers were also modifying the launch pad and the Florida tower to accommodate Vulcan. The ULA does not include more work cuts and has been adding engineers to Florida and elsewhere. "We now have an optimum size," said Drefke, adding that the ULA will hire more engineers as it is put into production. (presented by BH)

The next three releases

January 19: Delta IV Heavy | NROL-71 | Vandenberg Air Force Base, California. | 19:05 UTC

January 21: Long March 11 | Jilin-1 (images satellites) | Jiuquan, China | TBD

January 24: PSLV | Microsat-R mission | Sriharikota, India | 18:08 UTC

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