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Romina Pereiro revealed how it was when Jorge Rial proposed marriage


Jorge Rial i Romina Pereiro They began their romance a year and a half ago, but it is so much the complicity between them that they already gave several important steps in the relationship. They moved together and docked their families: Roco (daughter of the driver of intruders), Ema and Violeta (daughters of the nutritionist) They live under the same roof; they already have a family pet; and they compromised!

Romina He talked about this happy moment in a note for Pamela in the afternoon. "The proposal arrived, it's that good. I'm happy. It was a big surprise because I did not know. I did not know what was going to be for Christmas after dinner. My daughters, Roco (Rial), told me: Well, we want to talk about the whole family. And ah came the proposal, among all. It was very nice, "he explained.

Upon being consulted for his reaction, the television conductor said: "It was a surprise, emoci. I did not get my eyes to see Jordi, the girls, Roco, my mom, my sister … All with the weeping eyes. be very nice " Then they asked him what he thought was necessary because the reporter asked for a wedding, when with other couples he did not. "First because there is a lot of love. This is the base and from here one is building the love, trust, commitment to the other, responded.

I accompany you all the time, trust in me, I contain myself. He gave me the chance to re-believe in a family. When one is separated, with boys, average half-descent. But it made me believe in love, in the couple, in coexistence and in family matters. Because it does not happen to sign a paper, if not for a family and celebrate with loved ones, "he closed Pereiro.

Let's remember that Rial gave in his program the beautiful news of his commitment and the details of the moment. Alliances I choose you. In my alliance is the name of her, and in her name my name. It is white, very simple. I do not already have this stage and she is calm, that we did not make any crazy or cover magazines (). We were all finishing lunch, I asked everyone to join us and April 1 very special champagne. Ah I asked for my hand with my daughters. Well, Bruna is in Crdoba, but with Roco, Violeta and Emma. Romina does not know anything, cont the presenter.

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