Sunday , February 28 2021

Romn Martnez: "Playing in a big one is the fruit of the desserts in my career"

San Lorenzo de Almagro I conceded a reinforcement that was very surprising for Argentine soccer. is that Jorge Almirn (Technical Director of the Corb) asked to Romn Martnez, An old acquaintance of the Black. The signing of the flyer is astonished by strangers, since the 35-year-old midfielder has little shooting at sport Morn (Where he left the institution because they did not pay his salary). In an interview with the newspaper Ol, the protagonist referred to his arrival at Cycln.

"The truth is that while I was looking for a club I walked through the walls because I did not want to go to Buenos Aires. For younger ah, when you still have to go on a race, it's something else. But now, with one Career already done, I think more about the staff and move to the outside or to the Interior we would waste the day with it. I would like to stay and return to Primera because I feel the ability to do it. I lacked the fruit of desserts that was to play in a big one and he was given me, "said Morn's native in the first instance.

About Almirn, Romn acknowledges that both of them conceive football in the same way. "I have a very good relationship with Jordi, 1 affection that goes far beyond football and we speak a lot. I like how to play, work. Let's say we speak the same language and we feel in tune. He called because he wanted to explain to me what I can offer inside the court, "he explained.

Then, the steering wheel added: "I confuse my feelings that I am playing. Afterwards, let me say I am great, I come from not playing, or that my last club went to the National B is licky, I understand it and this perfect, but the important thing is how I feel because if I do not confuse in m I can not be ac. It is my head that makes me feel good, that my legs work, I train in a of my colleagues without missing a day. And when the technician pulls me to the track, try to answer – because I also take risks in order to ask myself. "

Despite being 35 years old and suffering from many difficulties in finding a club interested in having his services, Martnez confesses that he never thought about withdrawing. "I never thought about releasing football. I was always sure I was going to continue playing because I feel good. It's clear that the wrong paste, which I had long locked in my house, I did not see some people. What happened, I'm very sorry and made me decide on how to follow. I did not want to go to Buenos Aires and now I'm in a great one like San Lorenzo, ready to face this enormous challenge. I was going to imagine? Nobody! Names, I and my boss, "said the midfielder.

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