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Sakurai wrote the lyrics of Lifelight theme of Super Smash Bros Ultimate –

Famitsu shared a new related interview this week Super Smash Bros Ultimate. This is starring the songwriter of the Lifelight theme Hideki Sakamoto and the Japanese singer of this Japanese version Erina Koga. Thanks to this, we have been able to get interesting details of the development process after the words of the meeting have been translated by source gaming.

First, Sakamoto shared that Super Smash Bros Ultimate's director, Masahiro Sakurai, who wrote the lyrics of the song. Sakamoto's role was reduced to organizing the song so that everything remained well cohesive. However, he says Sakurai recommends fans not look too much in the lyrics because it can be spoiled in some way.

Next to this, we have also learned about it Koga did not know what type of work she should do when he received Sakamoto's request to work together. He was very surprised when he knew what it was about because he liked the Super Smash Bros franchise and he always plays like Kirby, although at this time he did not know that Sakurai had created this character.

When Sakamoto presented his first draft, he was asked to turn his heart back so that it was more like an orchestra. Sakurai wanted it to be a song that was not forgotten after listening to it for the first time and Sakamoto had to work hard to get it until he finally gave the correct melody at midnight. The creative one had in mind that the main subject would have several adjustments and that would count on voices. He also noted that what players would listen to the theme in the game menu, and for that reason, worked hard in the editing of the different arrangements of the song.

Approximately 6 months before the final recording, Sakurai called for a little tone to rise of the melody in the final part to make it more acute. At the outset, Koga was not able to reach the note they were asking for, although just before the final recording was achieved and sustained it without problems for the recording. Koga also shares with laughter that when the song was published many people thought that she sang Japanese veteran singers and that she thought: "But if I am!", Although I could not say it yet publicly.

When she was made public that she was the performer, her name became the most sought after in Yahoo. He also shares that if you listen attentively the announcement of the March 2018 gameYou can see the song singing acapella, though not with the voice of Koga.

Finally, it is shared that Koga is studying for university entrance exams. He still considered joining a music school, he finally enrolled in a normal university in which he thinks he is 4 years old with the goal of becoming a voice actress. He also claims that he plays Super Smash Bros Ultimate and has unlocked all the characters, though he only plays with Kirby.

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