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"She says you said this to me, that it was a … of …!" Moria was in the middle of a terrible controversy!


Moria Casán is one of the most imposing women in Argentina and she is not afraid to say what she thinks in the most frontal way possible, thanks to this outstanding feature of her behavior, the diva managed to be respected from from the beginning of his career, breaking the existing paradigms and becoming a benchmark for cinema, theater and television. True to its unique style, the actress again demonstrated her strong character in her program of America TV.

Yanina Screpante, Incorrect panelist, was talking about Mariana Diarco, when she was interrupted by the creator of the cycle. "Listen to me Screpante, speak slower and less Cheta. I do not understand anything, gross. Speak to Diarco's fat, I do not tell him, she says you said this to me, that she was a black woman. m ***. I adore, but it's fine, I do not understand anything! "asked the conductor, laughing at all the panelists with her comment.

Having said that, it is good to remember that the fight between the model that ended in Dancing 2019 and the woman of the Dipi began in 2014, when the blonde said they had been besieged by Pocho Lavezzi. Now, the young woman returned to the charge and recorded a video where she launched strong accusations against the top model, saying, among other things, that despite her proud feminist, she was not interested in supporting a woman who was living a hell

"I hope this will be useful for the previous (Marcelo Tinelli program) and for life … Do not put your hands on fire for anyone, not for love or for silver. I always thought you deserved something better. I said it five years ago, when we talked over the phone the same day that you told me it was a black m ***, "Diarco says in a recording that he uploaded to his social networks and It quickly became viral, generating all sorts of comments in favor and against.

And then doubles the bet. "I uploaded a picture of Pocho and everyone told me that it was a lie that he had sent me, and you said this. Let's see: you took the picture with your cell phone and, according to you, Pocho did not I knew myself, but I had the picture and I went up … The photo was on an anniversary of yours and I did not know him. Then I do not understand. Who sent me the picture? ", Mariana sent, but He did not stop there and he continued punishing Screpante hard.

"Five years ago I was the loquita, the lying, the bold one who wanted the press because Pocho was in the World Cup. Five years ago that did not have a name. This is called harassment. And after having won two trials with Tests, chats, photos and videos, you continued to cover it. You continued to lie. Why? For love? Or how much? Maybe if you said the truth at that moment, you would have helped. to woman. You know how things are today. I command you a kiss, "he closed his monologue Diarco.

That said, it is good to mention that in 2014, Mariana had already publicly denounced the player for harassment. "When I told Lavezzi that he wanted to recompose my partner, he began to send me audios and photos. Ten months of incessant messages were in. He was blocking from a phone and appeared from other names I sent nasty things and at any time that I could not support with my partner. I figured that by saying that I had a copy (of one of his videos) I would scare and I would not go to write more, "said the blonde.

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