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"Simply friends": they met while fighting cancer and put together for the first time


When Andrea gave him the diagnosis he was given him "Shake up life". Guillermina, the youngest of her daughters, It was about to turn 5 years and they had just found a tumor in the brain. When Jésica gave him the diagnosis he felt the same. Juanna, her only daughter, He had a year and a half and had just confirmed that he had leukemia.

Mothers and daughters were not known at the door of a children's garden: they were first seen in the corridors of the oncology area of ​​a hospital in Córdoba .

Andrea Negrette lives in Saldán, 20 kilometers from the City of Córdoba. He is 41 years old, he is a teacher and he is a widow. It excites the phone when he talks about who his husband was. The young man, father of his two daughters, died for a brain tumor three years ago.

"A few months after having lost my husband, when he was trying to see how he was going with two girls, some teachers of the school came to look for me," she explains. Infobae. Her colleagues had seen that Guillermina, the youngest of her two daughters, had "the wandering eye". Andrea searched for an ophthalmologist and did not succeed.

The loss of her husband was so recent that the three meetings still slept in the big bed. It was in this bed that Andrea noticed that her daughter bothered her until the light of the watchman. That same night, they ran to the clinic and they did a CT scan.

"I remember opening a door and was full of doctors." The rest are fuzzy wordsWith echo: someone told her that her daughter had a tumor in the cerebellum and that she had to operate urgently. The girl had a medulloblastoma, which meant that malignant cells could expand into the central nervous system and the marrow.

"I could not take her off. She prayed to them:" Leave me to be, I just lost her father, she touches my hair to sleep – ", says Andre. They left her. They were operated by Guillermina to remove the tumor from the head and had to return to surgery 20 days later, when they found that they had been left.

"There was a doctor who told me all the time: & # 39;You have to understand that the prognosis is very bad & # 39; I did not want to believe, I could not lose her too. I said, I'm going to believe that my daughter will heal & # 39 ;. If you believe that something is going to be black, you see it black and it ends up being black. I was not prepared to be that way, "continues Andrea.

"Fortunately," the doctor could no longer help her daughter. That's why they went to the University Private Hospital of Córdoba. And that's where the friendship story started between girls. In the oncology area other girls were treated: Juanna, who was 1 year and a half, Celina (who now has 5), Zoe (who now has 6) and Felicitas (also 6).

Who speaks now with Infobae is Jésica Moreno, 33, mother of Juanna. "In August 2017 they told us that I had acute lymphoblastic leukemia. B. I associated him with the worst, it was terrible. It was my only daughter and she was a year and a half. "

Just after arriving at the hospital, Juanna spent 35 days in isolation while doing chemotherapy. "I remember the first time I heard the word chemotherapy. What? At first everything was denial: I wanted to believe that maybe it was nothing more than a virus. Then, when I started to learn other stories, I changed my mind, energy, I had to learn to accept"God says.

"Do not you know The important thing was that this friendship was among the girls so they could keep fighting. My daughter heard that there were other girls playing in the corridor and wanted to get up, was happy, wanted to leave. When they are in treatment they can not see other guys, For a year she was not going to a birthday. It's crazy to say so Juanna liked being interned because here she could play with her friends. "

Getting to know Guillermina without a hair helped Juanna when he lost his: "She was not traumatic for her. When he got out of his hair, he was happy because now he looked like his friendGuillermina, who is now 6 years old, had not had the easy time: in addition to the two neurosurgery and all the complications that he had overcome, he was called tough sessions of chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

See-play in the corridor was a relief for everyone: "Sometimes Guille walked away from white blood cells and You saw her playing with the other girls and laugh. I can, in this state, be taken to a bed, "explains Andrea." I watched that I did not stick the catheter but then I let them enjoy. This energy of them raised us to parents. They could not go to a garden, in the square, but they had one among them: They shared a toy, to which they were going to go to get an injection they let him take the baby. "

The last resonance of Guillermina was a week ago and he gave "very good": "The doctor says that the brain tumor was very aggressive, the worst cancer in children. It says that my daughter has had some divine help, " She smiles, and you do not need to clarify what she is thinking about her husband. Juanna, who is already 3 years old, also returned home, in Malaga, Córdoba. In April, the last chemo was finished.

The girls' friendship taught them both parents who suggested they put together for a photo shoot. They waited for everyone to have hair and summoned the photographer Maité Arrieta. The story was published in The Voice of the Interior and all the families, from small villages, were revolutionized.

They agreed to explain their stories to explain – because they think of a mother or father who is receiving a diagnosis like the one who received them. The hope of their stories and the life contained in the photos – they will be scattered – is a gift for them.

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