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Sinking in Mardel: Attorney aims at the administrator | chronic


After the misfortune, the investigation begins. The prosecutor of Crimes culposos is in charge of the investigation by the deceaseds of Agustina Ferro, 35, and his daughter IndianaThree of them were crushed, Saturday afternoon, by the rubble of three balconies that sank in a building in Punta Mogotes. Everything points to the administrator.

But the prosecutor Pau Cistoldi Not yet charged to any person for the incident, explained that from the prosecutor's office they work to determine the "degree of responsibility"That could exist and in which the building administrator could be tied to the fact."Keep in mind that the architect, or who built it, did it 50 years ago"He added.

The administrator of the building is Jorge Bianchi, 58, and is in charge of the consortium for about two decades. Bianchi is not charged but was notified that he is being investigated in the case.

The insured said that he is "completing all the requirements of the Municipality regarding the file of the building"Although on the tragedy he preferred not to mention claiming to be"very busy".

expert advice

Prosecutor Cistoldi ordered the assessment to know how the tragedy happened, why it occurred, what were the causes of collapse and if someone has the responsibility to be imputed to the offense.

In addition, he asked the Municipality for the collection of private works of the building, his file of construction, history of infringement, fines and reports to know if he had any kind of Structural refraction, at the same time as it commissioned the completion of security claims reports to safety and hygiene experts.

Another key information that researchers will take into account is the word of the people who live in the building, as this will allow you to know if there were previous loops or some type of event that could have alerted of the tragedy

"The society as a whole, the Municipality and the judicial actors we must create awareness of the vigilance in buildings that already fulfill a certain amount of years and that, added to the corrosion by salt, represent a latent risk of " # Collapse"Prosecutor Cistoldi explained.

The tragic accident happened on Saturday, after 14, at the junction of Puán and Acevedo streets, in the heart of the Punta Mogotes neighborhood. Ferro and his daughter walked around here when the collapse of civil defense personnel, fire brigade and private works of the municipality defined as the top part of the front of the building.

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