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Stan Lee died, the main actor behind all the successful Marvel superheroes


Stan Lee died, the main actor behind all the successful Marvel superheroes

The writer, producer and writer was the creator of Spider Man, Hulk and X Men, among many others.

Writer, producer and writer Stan Lee died on Monday at his home in Hollywood on Monday, TMZ confirmed.

Lee was the creator of Marver's most successful superhero comics, including Spider Man, Hulk, X Men, Iron Man and Avengers.

"My father liked all his fans, he was the tiniest and the greatest man," TMZ Joan Celia Lee, the daughter of the caricaturist, told.

A very small number of creators left an indelible mark of popular culture. According to The-Numbers, superhero films adapted by Lee's comics have risen over $ 24 billion worldwide.

His fans compared him with Walt Disney, and even George RR Martin, the creator of Game of Thrones, said: "The apartment is at the level of Walt Disney if it's about big creators of not only one character but a whole galaxy of characters that have become part of our lives. Today I think it's probably bigger than Disnei. "

Stanley Lieber, the son of Romanian Jewish immigrants, was born in New York in 1922. He was hired in 1939 as an assistant at Timeli Comics, a tabloid magazine that had little promise and would eventually be renamed to Marvel.

The following year, a large number of staff went away, and Lieber got the name for the editor for the reason why the name changed to Lee with the hope that he would be able to use his real name when he published the great novels who hoped to be able to write. And there the main theme of his life was cemented: feeling that his work did not overcome cultural trivia and the fact that he was a corporate worker who had no right to his creativity.

His greatest inspiration began in 1961, when Lee was almost 40 years old and more than he was disappointed with his career. In addition to the artist Jack Kirby, he created a fantastic fourth, a success that surpassed the following year with the invention of Spiderman along with artist Steve Ditko.

Among the characters he created over the next decade with these artists, and with others, they are Ks Men, Iron Man, Hulk, Thor, Doctor Strange and, 1966, Black Panther: an African King Warrior whose recent adaptation Film has raised more than 1300 million dollars at the box office. (Clarin)

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