Saturday , October 1 2022

Strong investment to develop a low cost network of fuels


The "I'm with Energy" brand announced an investment plan of US $ 15 million to develop, in the next three years, a network of 100 low cost service stations, with the commitment to offer gasoline and diesel grade 2 at the lowest market price.

In a competitive context for the emergence of new operators such as Raizen, Puma, Gulf and Dapsa, the first low-cost network of fuels will seek to add value to white resorts or third-party flags that seek to generate more commercial links long-term benefits

This was explained by the commercial manager of Vaig, Osvaldo Valsangiacomo, highlighting that "The low cost concept does not mean poor quality but rather a more efficient logistics and marketing, saving allows better prices for the final consumer and greater profitability for operators. "

I belonged to a group of national capitals with more than 20 years in the industry, made up of companies dedicated to the extraction, refining and transport of hydrocarbons, which allows the brand to be the official commercialiser of RefiPampa , the first medium refinery with its own pipeline.

The brand has since May its first service station in the city of Junín, near its refinery and distribution center, and by 2019 the plan plans to pack 25 new mouths in the downtown area of ​​the province, where already It has more presence in the wholesale segment linked to the agrarian service.

In this first objective, the premise is to reach the 100 stations within a period of up to 3 years, which Valsangia estimated as requiring an investment of US $ 15 million, shared with the operators of each station interested in joining The mark.

"This initial development generates us an optimization of logistics costs, that turns to the operator and allows to offer suggested prices for the fuels grade 2 – fuel and diesel fuel – below the oil ones that are in the zone of # 39; influence and be competitive in premium products ", Explained the manager.

For the wholesale segment, I managed to position itself more rapidly in the regional market because it asks for a differential pricing strategy, in which it ensures the lowest value for diesel grade 2, and not so much in brand marketing and development conceptual of expenditures nozzles.

As with all chains, the service stations business is complemented by the offer of other services such as washing and lubrication, but mainly by the so-called convenience stores, for which the brand developed the stores Re.

Due to the lack of critical mass to offer franchised stores, the initial strategy is to achieve a common identity in the brand's stations and to leave the development of the commercial profile linked to the characteristics and demand of each region.


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