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Summary Lanús vs Vélez for the Copa Sudamericana (3-0) | 2021.01.13

23:31 9 hours ago

The transmission of the match ends

Thank you to all the readers who accompanied us on this meeting and look forward to seeing you at the next opportunity.

23:27 9 hours ago

minute 94

The match ended and Lanús proved to be much more than Vélez in 180 minutes and defeated him with a 4-0 overall.

23:23 9 hours ago

minute 91

Free kick for Vélez very close to the Lanús area.

23:22 9 hours ago

minute 91

Two more changes are presented in Lanús.

23:22 9 hours ago

90 minutes

They play three more minutes at Lanús’ house.

23:20 9 hours ago

89 minutes

Goooooool! in a counter Lanús takes advantage of the spaces and José Sand sends the center for Tomás Belmonte to Lanús.

23:18 9 hours ago

minute 86

Corner kick for the team of Velez.

23:17 9 hours ago

minute 85

Change to Lanús to continue closing the meeting and wait for the last minutes to pass.

23:16 9 hours ago

minute 84

In the last minutes and both teams are not looking for the attack because the series is already closed.

23:14 9 hours ago

minute 82

Foul in favor of Lanús in the middle of the track and yellow for Juan Martín Lucero.

23:12 9 hours ago

minute 81

Arrivals in the two arches go down again.

11:10 p.m. 9 p.m.

78 minutes

Lack in favor of Lanús in the middle of the court.

23:07 9 hours ago

minute 75

Lower the intensity of the meeting in the last minutes.

23:06 9 hours ago

minute 75

Two more changes are presented to the visiting team.

23:05 9 hours ago

minute 72

Velez keeps coming, but with a lot of despair because they don’t raise any in the series.

23:02 9 hours ago

70 minutes

First change in Lanús that begins to close the meeting and the series.

23:02 9 hours ago

minute 69

Free kick in favor of Lanús in his own field and yellow by Héctor de la Font to Vélez.

23:00 9 hours ago

68 minutes

The first changed to Vélez Sarsfield.

22:59 9 hours ago

minute 67

In the last minutes the intensity of the meeting has dropped.

22:56 9 hours ago

minute 63

Corner shot in favor of the visit.

22:55 9 hours ago

minute 62

Dangerous free kick in favor of Vélez.

22:54 9 hours ago

60 minutes

Goooooool! The second goal of the local team with a center that passes through the area of ​​Lanús arrives and Nicolás Orzini scores his sixth goal in the championship and draws two players at the top of the table of scorers.

22:51 9 hours ago

minute 59

Dangerous free kick in favor of Lanús who goes for the second of the match and be calmer.

22:48 10 hours ago

55 minutes

Free kick for Vélez that is charged in the middle of the court.

22:45 10 hours ago

minute 53

In the last minutes the intensity of the meeting has dropped.

22:43 10 hours ago

50 minutes

Vélez is penalized for a foul on Brian Aguirre in Lanús.

22:42 10 hours ago

minute 49

Vélez keeps trying to get closer to the series, but they fail to beat Lautaro Morales.

22:39 10 hours ago

minute 46

Free kick in favor of Vélez starting the second half.

22:38 10 hours ago

The second half begins

The second half begins and Vélez goes with everything in search of the arc of Lanús to obtain the two goals that give the classification him in the end of the South American Glass.

22:26 10 hours ago

48 minutes

The first half ended with a difference for Lanús after they took advantage of the expulsion of Cristian Tarragona to Vélez.

22:21 10 hours ago

minute 46

Gooooool! In the first risky arrival of Lanús in the encounter arrives Jose Sand to send a center to which Tomás Belmonte arrives and marks the first goal of the party.

22:18 10 hours ago

45 minutes

They play three more minutes in the first half.

22:17 10 hours ago

45 minutes

Lanús fouled in the middle of the court and Cristian Tarragona was sent off in Vélez’s team.

22:13 10 hours ago

minute 41

Corner shot in favor of the visit.

22:12 10 hours ago

40 minutes

Shot by Cristian Tarragona in the arc, but he lacks the direction to go up in the game.

22:11 10 hours ago

minute 38

Vélez’s team found the tie in the series after Cristian Tarragona took advantage of an error by Lautaro Morales, but they realized it was a foul on the goalkeeper.

22:07 10 hours ago

35 minutes

The visiting team responds with a corner kick.

22:05 10 hours ago

minute 34

Corner kick for the team of Lanús.

22:04 10 hours ago

minute 33

The intensity of the meeting in the last minutes decreases again.

22:02 10 hours ago

30 minutes

Foul in favor of Vélez that is charged on his court and yellow card for Federico Mancuello on the visit.

22:01 10 hours ago

minute 29

Great arrival of Vélez with a center that manages to connect Cristian Tarragona and Lautaro Morales stays with the shot.

22:00 10 hours ago

minute 27

The only solution that Lanús finds to stop the attack of the visiting team is to commit fouls, they go 4 in the last five minutes.

21:57 10 hours ago

25 minutes

Lanús plays this game with the calm of the result of the first leg, but not attacking can play against him.

21:56 10 hours ago

minute 23

Again dangerous free kick for the visit and yellow card for Lautaro Acosta that in case Lanús reaches the final will not be able to play it by accumulation of cards.

21:53 10 hours ago

minute 21

Dangerous free kick in favor of Vélez, within walking distance of the Lanús area.

9:50 pm 10 hours ago

18 minutes

Thiago Almada receives a ball in the box, but Lautaro Morales takes the ball on.

21:47 11 hours ago

15 minutes

In the last minutes the arrivals in the arches have gone down.

21:44 11 hours ago

12 minutes

Dangerous free kick in favor of Lanús.

21:43 11 hours ago

minute 11

The visit surprised with a shot by Thiago Almada that was deflected.

21:41 11 hours ago

minute 9

Vélez had a brilliant opportunity to reply as Lautaro Morales received a high ball from the right, striking the ball in the air.

21:40 11 hours ago

minute 8

In the last minutes the intensity of the encounter in the arcs has lowered.

21:38 11 hours ago

minute 6

Lucas Hoyos is wrong and Lanús’ second goal in the series almost arrives.

9:35 pm 11 hours ago

minute 2

In the first minutes of the meeting Vélez goes with everything in search of the result.

21:34 11 hours ago

The meeting begins

The match begins where Vélez will try to turn the series around which is 1-0 in favor of Lanús.

9:31 pm 11 hours ago

The teams go out on the court

The teams are already on the field to define the first finalist of the South American Cup.

21:24 11 hours ago

The broadcast of the match begins

The match begins on the Directv Sports channel.

21:23 11 hours ago

Vélez training

The team led by Mauricio Pellegrino comes out with: Lucas Hoyos; Tomàs Guidara, Lautaro Giannetti, Miguel Brizuela, Francisco Ortega; Pau Galdames, Federico Mancuello, Thiago Almada; Ricardo Centurión, Lucas Janson, Cristian Tarragona.

21:13 11 hours ago

Lanús training

Those directed by Luis Zubeldía leave with: Lautaro Morales; Braian Aguirre, Matías Pérez, Alexis Pérez, Alexandro Bernabei; Pedro de la Vega, Tomás Belmonte, Facundo Quignon, Lautaro Acosta; Nicolás Orzini, José Sand

21:07 11 hours ago

summoned Vélez

21:06 11 hours ago

Summoned – Lanús

21:00 to 11 hours


The referee for the match will be Wilton Sampaio (Brazil).

20:57 11 hours ago


The match will be played at the Néstor Díaz Pérez Stadium.

20:48 12 hours ago

Last match between the two teams

The last time these two teams met for the South American Cup being local Lanús was on August 30, 2006 for the second round of the tournament where Lanús won 2-0 with a double by Rodrigo Archubi.

8:42 a day ago

Where, at what time and how to watch the match Lanús vs Vélez live?

8:37 a day ago

How to follow the match between Lanús and Vélez?

The match will be broadcast by Directv Sports. In Vavel Argentina you can follow the game minute by minute.

8:32 a day ago

Featured player – Velez

Cristian Tarragona is the most decisive player in Vélez, he has made a great South American Cup and can give back hope to the team.

8:27 a day ago

Outstanding player – Lanús

Jose Sand is the most determining player in the local equipment, thanks to they are above in the series and can be determining in the return.

8:22 a day ago


These two teams have faced each other 27 times with 10 wins for Lanús, 11 draws and 6 victories for Vélez.

8:17 a day ago

Vélez’s last match as a visitor

In the last party that played Vélez in condition of visitor by South American Glass it defeated 1-3 to University of Chile with goals of Cristian Tarragona, Lucas Orellano and Juan Martin Lucero.

8:12 a day ago

Last game of Lanús in local condition

In the first party of the quarters of end against Independent the party was even to 0.

8:07 a day ago

How does Velez arrive?

Those led by Mauricio Pellegrino qualified in the final of the zone complement of the Cup Diego Armando Maradona after beating 3-2 to Godoy Cruz with goals from Juan Martín Lucero, Hector de la Font and Agustí Mullet.

8:02 a day ago

How does Lanús arrive?

The home side came to this match after beating Rosario Central 2-0 in the complementary zone of the Cup Diego Armando Maradona with goals from Franco Orozco and José López.

7:57 a day ago

How is the Series?

Lanús’ team beat Vélez as visitors with a goal from José Sand in the first half of the match.

7:52 a day ago

Start of transmission

Good night! This time we will take to their homes the duel between Vélez Sarsfield and Lanús for the return semifinal of the 2020 South American Cup.

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