Saturday , October 1 2022

Surprise! Wanda Nara debuted as a singer: she released a song in Italian


Wanda Nara in her debut as a singer (Video: Instagram)

You can admit that Wanda Nara he encouraged everything. The wife of Mauro Icardi He started as a vedette in 2005 and nowadays he is the representative of his husband, idol, goleador and captain of the Inter from Milan. However, that is not all: the sister of Zaira Now he launches as a singer.

It's been eight years since Wanda left the country. And bad Italy is not going. The one born in Boulonge Sur Mer collapses the streets of Milan every time she appears in one of them.

But this popularity does not go through it alone: ​​Mauro, the idol of all fans of the neroazzurro (How do you know about Inter) accompany you in this triumph. Marriage does know how to handle this success and, thanks to social networks, the Argentines can learn about their luxurious life in Europe. And of the support that always the Italians offer to him.

Thanks to this support, Wanda is allowed to do what he likes, more and more. Months ago, a panelist joined the Italian program tiki taka, And already in the debut the followers talked about her like "La Reina". In the cycle, one of the most watched of Tevé in that country, he could relish himself in something he knows a lot, due to his love experience: the analysis on soccer

Enthusiastic, exdone of Maxi López decide to venture into other faces, and now try with the song. With 32 years old Wanda bet on his voice, singing a song in Italian and moving his followers, who left them a video on social networks.

"I want to share a part of this last work," wrote the greatest of the Nara. "We're proud to have been chosen for this project in which we work for months. Thanks to (the Milanese singer) Davide De Marinis for the patience with which I endured It was fun and exciting to sing with you! To be continued …".

At the moment the flaming singer is back in Milan, after being on vacation with her five children (three from Maxi and two from Mauro) in Argentina. They even traveled to Rosario to visit the family of Icardi. Already installed in the fashion city, the blonde puts all his faith in his artist's path. And there are more reasons to do it. Because if there is anyone who believes in itself, this is Wanda.

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