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Susana Giménez, on his 75th birthday: cold in New York and a special lunch at a top restaurant – 2019.01.29

The round numbers deserve special celebrations. And those finished in 5, too. That is why the television diva of Argentina, Susana Giménez, He decided to celebrate his 75th birthday in one of his favorite places in the world: The city of New York.

There was a lot of talk about the anticipated anniversary of the blonde. Until last minute I speculated with the typical party in Punta del Este, like the one he did last year with renowned personalities such as Ricardo Darín and Adrián Suar, but with more famous and more glamorous everything, of the special occasion.

However, the driver surprised everyone by going to an airplane that would take her much further.

"I'm in New York, it's a lot of cold, but it's always fun," the driver confirmed Bugler, Probably in the middle of a walk to the best "Your" style.

To the diva they accompany their daughter, Mercedes "Metxa" Sarrabayrouse, and a handful of her friends all through life.

According to journalist Adrián Pallares, Susana will be installed several more days in the city, and has already planned some activities.

For tonight, he organized a special dinner at a top restaurant. For fear of leaks in the press, Not even your guests know where they should attend, and the information will arrive before eating.

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On the other hand, In his itinerary there is also a stop on Broadway, where you will probably be watching "Cher Show", the mega musical production that explains the life and career of the pop form Cherilyn SarkisianAnd that is already a theater event.

After the hustle and bustle of the streets of "the city that never sleeps", the driver will continue to travel for another destination relax: Miami.

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Maria Susana Giménez Aubert was born in 1944, in Buenos Aires. Owner of Martin Fierro de Platino, "His" plans to return to TV this year with its specials: Trips around the world with international figures.

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