Thursday , October 6 2022

Tariffaso Libertadores: popular for the Boca River have already been sold, with an increase of 150 percent


There was a day that awaited thousands of Boca partners: The first series of popular for the excellent Copa Libertadores against the River, which will be played on Saturday in La Bombonera starting at 17. This first sale lasted about half hours until Xenize did not announce that the tickets were sold.

At 19, there will be other sales popular.

The main novelty is the increase in the price of the general card in relation to the semi-final match with Palmeiras: In this case, partner card authorization will cost $ 800.

It's Tariff Libertadores, because in the popular sex it cost 320 dollars. Then, an increase of 150 percent, no doubt, is a convincing figure for a partner pocket that pays $ 700 a quota each month.

Members who want to buy tickets must enter the official website of the club and have the option of paying by credit card or money. In this last case, they have to print a voucher and pay in person at Pag Facil.

Boca has announced reselling online

Bottle accused the public prosecution on Tuesday reselling tickets This is done through websites to determine where they came from, how the marketing circle is and uses the difference between the official price and the value in an illegal market.

They joined the judiciary to remove the resale network. In the last few hours, it has been discovered that the various sites dedicated to reselling tickets for public public games, not just football, up to 180 thousand pesos for the audience.

"The club strongly opposes this kind of illegal practice and It is at the disposal of the judiciary to investigate and achieve the ultimate consequences"he adds.

In addition, Boka stressed that the purchase of tickets "is activated directly on the card of each partner and is personal and not transferable to third parties"

The presentation was accompanied by notifications on various websites, Instagram accounts, and even VhatsApp messages in which tickets are available at prices much higher than official prices.

Boca press release

Sales of additional generals

The sale of additional tickets for the first Copa Libertadores final, which will be played on Saturday, October 10 at the Bombonera, continues Thursday with the generals. The same can be done without any restrictions or pre-conditioning. Members can enable their card via In order for members to have more capacity to adjust the time availability process, this will take place in two phases: the first half of the additional will be sold at 10 am and the other half at 19 o'clock.

The web will allow you to purchase by credit card or money and must print a voucher. There they will be able to go into the facilities of Easi Paimenta with this printed voucher and a membership card in hand to make the payment and complete the operation. There, a member will be automatically enabled to enter the stadium.

On the other hand, those who choose to pay by credit card, can directly make a purchase on the site and the card will be automatically enabled.

Main news in ticket sales

The management set up a filter: only those who attended four of the six games played by Bottle at home in this Copa Libertadores would be able to access the court.

However, the leadership reversed and raised this measure on Wednesday night.

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