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Thalia and Lali, unrecognizable in the video clip of a topic that incites the controversy – 2019.01.26


At some point in the past year the rumor began that Thalia (49) and Lali Espósito (27) had a meeting to record together a song. In October, a small preview of the subject was leaked Cute but dirtyThat crazy dive fanatics.

It was such a repercussion that the song had, that the Argentine artist had to come out to confirm the collaboration with the Mexican through its social networks, which it came to light as part of brave, The album that Mexican released in November 2018.

"Due to the fact that a part of the song was leaked, I am going to confirm with total naturalness that I sing a song next to Thalia. I love to be able to confirm it. It is the honor Great in the world and I'll just tell you one thing: # LPB, Cute But Brut. There is a worldwide hit with Queen Thalia, "Lali told her followers.

Explosive rings Lali and Thalia with another look for her new video.

Explosive rings Lali and Thalia with another look for her new video.

Last Thursday, through their respective accounts on Instagram, two artists published an image of the song's art and were completely unrecognizable.

With blonde, long hair and waves, visor, golden gilt, sunglasses, the singers further encouraged their fans to fill with "like" them.

In the official profile of Thalia on YouTube and Spotify you can listen Cute but dirty, That has a letter that incites the controversy.

"You went to the sports cart and said:" Cupid & # 39;. Only two seconds to look at you already you were convinced. With your dark glasses, an elegant watch from China, I launched a couple of Internet phrases, these "learn-about-ends", sing the artists.

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And it follows: "You have the hard body and the brain in white. Why do not you read a book every now and then? You're brave but dirty, you're seduced but only with the bulb. In your pocket, there is only one simple thing, it's that I see you prettier. "

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Would you be dedicated to someone in particular? Now, I just have to wait for the video of this song, which will be revealed on January 30 and will undoubtedly sound and be seen everywhere this summer.

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