Tuesday , October 19 2021

The answer of Soledad Silveyra to the harsh messages of Moria Casán: "I have a little sense of humor, we are …"


Soledad Silveyra He gave an interview, in which he said that he did not have a good time at some point during his work at him Dancing "The experience of what happens with that program outside of television is very positive. I went to the school of my granddaughters and it was Gardel. At the jury, what happened is that Moria and Nacha (Guevara) allied themselves and I was the ugly duckling next to those tremendous women, especially Nacha, which is invaluable perfection. So very well I did not pass it. Of all there is an apprenticeship, what are you going to do? "

And he went on, angry: "I'll be doing it with your other mommy and I thank that thanks to @nachaguevara and you have managed to excel with your obvious victim performance. Something's clear to me: #SosMalaActriz # NeverCreinNone # Moved your dark areas in the psychologist or psychiatrist and stopped fucking with @nachaguevara and with me. # Speak of your present, stop hanging from the last success that made you feel spoiled … ", wrote.

Hours after the One's cyber attack, Solita answered him in the same way: "I have a little sense of humor @ Monica_Casan, we are great my dear. With affection despite your words!".

Let's remember it Silveyra shared the jury of Dancing next to Moria Casán, the person with more trajectory in the program of Marcelo Tinelli. While working together they maintained a cordial relationship, Currently the link between them is completely broken.

Solita is working in Mar del Plata with the work Letters of love Next to Facundo Arana with direction of German Jungle. It is presented Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at 9:30 pm in the Teatro Lido.

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