Monday , April 12 2021

The Barcelona coach began to bleed in the middle of a press conference: what’s wrong with him?

Barcelona will play this Saturday a momentous match against Sevilla for the Spanish League. In case of winning it will be only two points away from the leader Atlético Madrid and will send a message of confidence a few days after the revenge with PSG for the Champions League (in the first leg it was a 4-1 defeat). But today is news what happened to coach Ronald Koeman at a press conference.

The dialogue between the Dutchman and the journalists had to be interrupted unexpectedly. Is that the DT de l’Culé began to bleed from the nose, an incident that had already happened to him once in a conference. Koeman took out a handkerchief, cleaned himself, and retired from the room. The image quickly went viral on social media. These nosebleeds have an explanation.

In May 2020 he had to be rushed to a clinic in the Netherlands and underwent a catheterization. As he reported at the time, the intervention posed no further drawbacks. Koeman was alarmed when he began to feel severe chest pains after intense cycling training. He was interned in observation for five days.

SAGNAT. The moment Koeman wiped his nose (Photo: El Chiringuito).

Catheterization is a procedure used to release an artery that is too narrow or blocked by a stent, an intravascular prosthesis that opens blood vessels. Since then, Koeman takes a daily dose of anticoagulant to prevent these arteries from clogging; in this case, the drug would be the cause of these unexpected hemorrhages.

His sentences at a press conference

Koeman explained that “the pressure always exists for a Barcelona DT”, on the eve of a double-header against Sevilla in La Liga and the Copa del Rey.

“We will try to win both games, tomorrow (Saturday) is to continue with our streak in the championship, add points and put pressure on those above,” said Koeman, before the match on the 25th.

Culé and Sevilla play for third place in the league, before facing off again on Wednesday in the return leg of the Copa del Rey semifinals, in which Barça must go back 2-0 up.

However, Koeman does not believe that these crucial encounters are supposed to be playing the season. “It looks like it’s just us playing important games,” he said, adding that “the pressure is on all the teams.”

Koeman admitted, however, that “the pressure always exists for a Barcelona coach, if you don’t always win the culprit is the coach, I accept it, I’ve been in this sport for a long time and I always try to do my best” .

KOEMAN. The Barcelona coach, with Messi (Photo: Reuters).for: Reuters

One week before the elections for the presidency of Barcelona, ​​on March 7, Koeman announced that he will not vote.

“I don’t think I’m the one who has to vote,” he said, before pointing out that “I have to wait, the partners will decide and someone will come out, and from there, I come in, but not before.”

Koeman, who a few days ago had called for a step forward from the heavyweights in the squad, point out this Friday that the “responsibility” should be on the entire team.

“From the beginning, the big players have tried to take control, but they can’t do it alone, they need help from others,” Koeman explained.

“The clearest example is Leo Messi, he has 18 goals, the other strikers together have more or less the same number, you can’t always ask the old people, also the rest of the team must take their responsibilities” , stated the Barça coach.

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