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The Brazilian giant Renner landed with three stores in Argentina

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Lojas Renner del Brasil, who commercializes products for mass consumption, announced yesterday the opening of its first three commercial stores in Argentina, which will be opened between the second half of 2019 and on the Sant Pau stock market. next year. One of the stores will be located in Buenos Aires and the rest in the province of Córdoba.

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the Brazilian fashion giant will compete with Falabella, which has nine stores in the country. The Chilean firm recently announced a plan for investments in the region for US $ 4200000000 for the opening of new premises.

"The choice of Argentina is justified by the size of this market, for the favorable competitive environment and the commercial opportunities of Mercosur, as well as for the similarity and proximity to the South region of Brazil, where the administrative headquarters and the Renner Shops distribution centers are located, "reported the chain based in the city of Porto Alegre by a statement.

The international expansion of the Brazilian brand, with a business model similar to that of brands such as H & M, Zara or Falabella, began in 2017 regionally with the installation of five stores in Uruguay. The signature – funded in 1922 by Antonio Jacob Renner – offers a wide variety of products of its own brands: footwear, accessories for women, men and children, as well as articles for home and decoration.

Sources linked to the commercial market of Córdoba confirmed that only details remain for the official release of the Brazilian giant's landing and that the largest will be installed at Paseo del Jockey shopping in the Jardín neighborhood.

Located south of the city, the shopping center has 129 premises, with 80% occupation and parking capacity for 1000 vehicles. It would start running between the months of October and November this year. For this, the shopping has a space of 6,000 square meters that were built especially for the installation of such stores.

The second of the premises would be installed in the Olmos courtyard, located in the center of the city, but it would not open until at least 2020, according to sources consulted.

Renner stores owns 330 stores throughout Brazil with a convenience store format and adds around 17,000 employees.

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