Sunday , April 11 2021

The Central bought or $ 50 million and it is not ruled out that it goes for $ 25 M more: the dollar rises to $ 38.42

The day began with a close look at the next move by the Central, after it resolved to extend the intervention amounts of $ 50 million to $ 75 million to avoid the value of the green ticket.

The wholesaler started the day with a rise of 5 cents a $ 37.40, But then he went back on his steps and now trades in $ 37.32

The "area" of the BCRA performance today has a floor of $ 37,886 and a ceiling of $ 49,030.

"If the exchange rate is below the non-intervention zone, the monetary base target will increase with the purchases of dollars made through bidding of the BCRA"The institution said, stating that "these tenders will be up to $ 75 million per day."

The decision was taken at a meeting of the Monetary Policy Committee of the Central Bank (COPOM) after the closure of the market.

In addition, the monetary authority resolved that if the exchange rate is above the non-intervention zone, "the monetary base goal will be reduced with the sales of dollars made through bidding of the BCRA."

"With the objective of maximizing the impact on liquidity, these tenders will be up to $ 150 million a day, the maximum considered in the monetary scheme," clear up.

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