Friday , February 26 2021

"The creation of the Agency is positive …" | The tweet …

Almost simultaneously, two sports referees tweeted exactly the same words to defend the U.S. from President Maurici Macri who turned the Sports Secretariat into an Agency and enabled the privatization and sale of land.

"The creation of the Agency is positive for sport and a leap of quality for athletes. The collection of scholarships and subsidies will be faster and, for the first time, the provinces could participate in the # 39, these decisions, "the Lioness player Noel Barrionuevo and the former Pumas Horaci Agulla player, today the advisor to the Sports secretary, tweeted.

The same text was replicated by several accounts, including an apocryphal Lioness (the Argentine selection of female hockey), but at the same time others took it to reject the decree and miss the strategy officialist in networks. Some accompanied the text with photos of officials and Macri himself doing sports, while others completed the phrase to his liking.

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