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The disease that plagues, hurts and can lead to depression


For many, itching is severe or intolerable. It spills both day and night, so that 8 out of 10 patients with moderate to severe atypical dermatitis suffer from sleep disturbances, and in addition to half the itching breaks the sleep of five to seven nights per week.

atopic dermatitis

"Some scratch asleep or trying to catch the sound. Sometimes, scratching gets to hear from another room. It's hard for parents who see their son or a husband see his partner in this room. In any case, whoever suffers most is the one who has all his life crossed by itching, erasure, redness and pain, "says Gabriel Gattolin, president of the Argentina Association of Allergy and Immunology Clinic (AAAeIC). In addition, what is called a cycle between itching and the scratching act, which generates even more itching.

Half of those who have moderate to severe variants also experience pain. Injuries can cover more than half of the body and manifest in sensitive areas such as eyelids, neck, elbows, wrists, knees and ankles. By scratching, they can get even worse and increase the risk of infections. The impact on the quality of life is high, combined with the fact that many people often pilgrimage for several doctors until they find the diagnosis.

atopic dermatitis

Atomic dermatitis can cause low self-esteem, because it is seen, suffers bullying and encourages the development of depression. Four out of every 10 people who suffer suffer shame and half of the patients feel frustrated by their illness.

Those who suffer from moderate to severe atomic dermatitis are less than triple the rest of the people. On average, teens lose 26 days of class per year for this condition (about 3.5 days for each episode). "It affects everyday aspects of life such as the choice of clothing, physical activity, outings with friends or more important issues such as presentation in the public domain, interpersonal relationships or sexual activity. This impacts negatively in psychological terms and can lead to anxiety, depression or isolation, "concludes Gabriel Gattolin.

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