Saturday , April 17 2021

The dollar closed stable at $ 38.31, but in the week it rose 28 cents

The ticket sold in banks and agencies of the city of Buenos Aires closed at $ 38.31, According to the average of á, So that at week accumulated a rise of 28 cents.

For its part, the currency that operates in the MULC dropped 18 cents to $ 37.17. He did not get the Central to buy $ 50 million, and validated another strong cut of the rate, which ended below 53%. In the week, the currency scored a 14 cents rise.

The "non-intervention" area today had a floor of $ 37,886 and a ceiling of $ 49,030.

The day began with a close look at the next move by the Central, after Thursday resolved to extend the intervention sums to avoid leaving the value of the green ticket.

"If the exchange rate is below the non-intervention zone, the monetary base target will increase with the purchases of dollars made through bidding of the BCRA"The institution has indicated, and pointed out that "These tenders will be up to $ 75 million per day."

This extension was not used this Friday by the BCRA and only bought O $ S 50 million at 11 hours at $ 37,3034.

On the first day of the month and the last week of the week, the American currency again exhibited a mixed route that could only hint at a recovery in the first part of the day and subsequently reproduced the trend of Weakness that has been showing in the last three days.

The highs were scored at $ 37.43 a little bit started the day, eight cents higher than the values ​​recorded in the previous end.

After the official auction carried out by the BCRA after an hour of operations did not cause a reaction in the market trend, which kept the seller bias with a new decline in the dollar values.

the prices They fell into the hands of an active offer until they hit minimums at $ 37.15 When doing the average the first part of the day. With some ups and downs and continuing changes in the price, the currency was partially recovered until the seller's trend was again imposed on the end, adjusting the values ​​at a level very close to the minimum of the session, # 39; analyst Gustavo Quintana.

It is that banks and some investors continued to sell positions to take advantage of the "carry trade & # 39; of the menu of assets in pesos, since the interest rate is high, furthermore that tends to lower even more by decision of the BCRA.

On Friday, the Moorish authority placed Liquidity Letters ($ 39 billion) for $ 170,000 million (nearly $ 149,000 million), with an average rate of 52.441% over seven days, some 125 basic points less than Thursday.

After the tender, in which the BCRA took $ 21,023,000, the downward trend of the dollar was accentuated, up to the final price of $ 37,17.

The total volume operated in MULC yielded 7.6% to $ 678 million.

Thus the things, the $ 610 million Acquired by the monetary authority since the beginning of January have not had an effect on the evolution of the exchange rate, The declination obeys one Income stream that exceeds genuine demand excessivelyA phenomenon that looks like it will be repeated in the second month of the year, they love the market.

other markets

The money market between banks at the call money was operated at an average of 45%.

In the ROFEX futures office, $ 1,119,000 was traded, of which more than 50% were agreed in February and March with final prices of $ 38.36 and $ 39.57; and taxes of 43.28% and 40.63% TNA. Prices showed an average loss of 20 cents.

In the informal square, in turn, the blue raise 25 cents a $ 37.75, According to the survey of this medium in caves of the Buenos Aires microcenter. Meanwhile, the "liquefied" fell 14 cents to $ 37.31.

Finally, the Central Bank reserves climb on Thursday or $ 392 million to $ 66,798,000

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