Tuesday , September 27 2022

The dollar went up 40 cents and returned to the area (BCRA helped with the purchase of $ 30 million)


In the Unique and Free Market of Changes (MULC), the American currency It increased 40 cents to $ 37.50, already in the non-intervention band, the floor this Wednesday was set at $ 37,499.

However, the currency will return tomorrow to drill the bottom zone, at least on the start of the wheel, given that the apartment will be located at $ 37,523 (daily increases to 2% monthly).

For its part, the ticket ascended 28 cents to $ 38.48in banks and exchange houses of the city of Buenos AiresYou are the average of scope.com.

"Change in trend in the wholesale segment of the dollar. Demand for coverage has triggered and driven increases in the dollar price," they described in the tables.

Even more about the final campaign of the wheel, The monetary authority announced an auction in which it bought a total of $ 30 million, which was added to the $ 160 million acquired in the four previous days.

Thus, he managed to push the quote a few more cents, because the currency re-entered the "zone," which had not happened for a week.

At the moment, the BCRA endorsed 1:00 p.m. Another marginal cut in the 7-day Leliq rate, which on average stood at 57,542%. Also, he adjudged 164,097,000, at a maximum rate of 57.7499%.

For the next 60 days, the market expects a scenario with exchange stability. "The BCRA will continue to buy dollars, we will see if this limit of 50 million that was auto-imposed for January is changed after the monetary policy meeting in February, or if it maintains it, and how does the market" , he affirmed.

In the informal market, for its part, the blue operates stable at $ 39.25, according to the survey of this medium in caves of the Buenos Aires microcenter. In turn, "liquefied" raised yesterday 20 cents to $ 37.09.

Finally, the Central Bank reserves Increased Tuesday or $ 54 million to $ 66,015,000.

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