Thursday , October 6 2022

The father of Wanda Nara has a new girlfriend: "We are in love and we are the couple of Dancing 2019"


Are they remembered "Kari Nara"? Well, Andrés Nara, Who even lent her last name to jump to popularity, she seems to have forgot herself. Have a new couple: A young 20-year-old Cordovan with whom she is already trying to coexist.

The young woman, called Pamela Acosta, Mother of an eleven-year-old girl, was moved to Andres to Nordelta, where they passed from the carnival to a consolidated couple in just 6 months.

Andrés Nara and his girlfriend - Paparazzi Magazine

Andrés Nara and his girlfriend – Paparazzi Magazine

The truth is that Pamela and Andrés celebrated their couple project in Alta Gràcia, where the young girl is and, along with the family of her, they provided for the union.

Of course, far from maintaining a low profile, Andrés Nara He aims to return to the media scene: "The coexistence we are enjoying a lot, it was a great decision, that made us very happy to both We are very in love! We are the couple of dancing 2019, Certainly ", Confessed in the Paparazzi & # 39; Attent Marcelo Tinelli!

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