Thursday , October 6 2022

The first mobile phone in the world is not from Samsung, and obviously it works


Picture: Roiole

If rumors are true, Samsung will unveil its first switching smartphone in a few hours. It should have been "the first" of the entire generation, but the little-known Chinese company took the giant. And it seems to work.

This is Roiola Corporation, which launched its phone FlekPai and The Verge or Mashable, among others, had the opportunity to try it in a joke at a San Francisco event. The best thing to say, according to the media, is that the phone and its technology function, and they work by halving the size of a 7.8-inch plastic screen in a single 180-degree stroke.

According to Karisa Bell of Mashable:

Yes, it seems a little sophisticated, but FlekPai meets the promise of being the first switchable smartphone, although it's far from perfect. It's not overtaking at all and it's pretty hard to maintain it. The plastic screen began to be a little above and made a "strange shake" while folding. The company told me that there are known problems because of the "glue used in engineering samples".

Picture: Roiole

For Nick Statt, from The Verge, "When it's switched, it's "huge" and it's a million miles away from the quality of a premium smartphone. The software, the custom version of Android 9.0, is extremely slow and has errors. The device is the first generation product", Completed state.

Picture: Roiole

At least by the way, the FlekPai phone will only be sold on the market in China, although it will also issue a release for developers in the United States at a price of $ 1,318 with 128 GB of storage space and $ 1,469 for 256 GB. [Mashable, The Verge]

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