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"The Golden generation hits many good players"


On June 16, 2017 was the exact date in which the Argentine, Andrés Marcelo Nocioni, retired from the professional activity. An Argentinian bullfighter who was a fundamental part of the Gold generation. The baseball player opened in an interview that Clarn's Diary was doing and he left interesting concepts about the future of the Select Argentina for the World Cup.

The closest challenge for the Argentine basketball match is the 2019 World Cup, an event that will be classified in the absence of two games to complete the Group phase. The question that everyone is making is whether they can repeat the great achievements that the Golden Age achieved. "It is totally repeatable. When the United States asks players again, The Argentine will give the quality jump again and we will be again among the best. We have individualities that we could combine in the group. In Argentina, talent and players can be developed to develop, "he explained.

In the news, many national players play in Europe showing a high level and excelling in their teams. Facundo Campazzo and Gabriel Deck They are two of the figures of Real Madrid, even the emblem and captain of the selected one, Luis ScolaIt moves to Shanghai Sharks. "Luis said something that sounds strange, but what is it is: the Golden generation tapped many good players because they could not enter the team, since the places we occupied were us. Now in Spain there are between three and five players that are being watched and can make the jump. "

In addition, the same coach of the national team agrees with the words of "Chapu" Nocioni. A few days ago commented: "I am sure that if Campazzo or Deck were not in Real Madrid, they will play in the NBA. I am happy to have many and good in Europe. Vildoza gives the feeling that he has everything to go, it will not be hard for Deck, Brussino will be able to return. "

"The The Golden Generation was not a miracle. We gave a very high quality jump to Argentina. We were the pioneers of many things that are now taking place in Selecci, How to travel and type of training. Both Rubén (Magnano) and Sergio (Hernndez) and Julio (Lamas) were very open to ask and ask us. And we always try to offer our positive support to the group, "concluded the Olympic camp in Athens 2004.

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