Sunday , October 2 2022

The latest images that are known about Carla, the woman who twice activated the antipanic button and disappeared


The family, friends and relatives of Carla Soguru are desperate because they do not know anything from her Tuesday night. Starting a new testimonial statement, you could find women's images walking next to someone in the neighborhood of Pompeii.

According to the security camera logs that TN could get, Carla walks on the Ochoa street towards the bus stop of line 32. They were taken Tuesday 15 at 19.35.

On Thursday, Carla's neighbors carried out a march to New Pompeii Square, at the crossroads of the streets Sáenz and Traful to claim for their appearance.

The registration of Ochoa street.
The registration of Ochoa street.

The 28-year-old woman disappeared Tuesday night, after doubling the antipanic button she had for the threats she had suffered from her ex-husband, whom she had denounced for gender-based violence and rape. This is Nicolás Fuentes, detained since December 27 last by a brutal attack, in which he is accused of tying and violating Soguru.

The last contact that Carla had with her family It happened at Tuesday 18, when he communicated by phone with his mother to warn him that he was about to return home. As it has detailed its surroundings, it has hydrocephalus, which is why it has a valve in the head, which would increase the risk of life in the face of a possible blow.

One of the posters that circulate in the social networks in search of data about Carla.
One of the posters that circulate in the social networks in search of data about Carla.

From the police confirmed that at 8:30 p.m. on Tuesday his antipanic button was activated, a patrolman was sent home and called. They also pointed out that they talked with her, which said he was disoriented. "At 21.14 another activation was received where there was a new communication. Here she said that she was in a vehicle that could not provide data, on a dirt road with plenty of mud," they added.

At the time of leaving home he was dressed in a black shirt with gray short sleeves and white letters, blue jean trousers and pink canvas slippers. It has a nose piercing on the right side and a tattoo of a butterfly on the left shoulder blade.

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