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The Mar del Plata Intendant, Carlos Arroyo, explained why he left the act headed by Maria Eugenia Vidal


Arroyo clarified that he left the site because "a government official" He lacked respect for his investiture. "When I am going to a presentation like this, to a qualification of something or to an official act, in fact it does not go Arroyo, it is legal and political representative of the city," he explained.

In an interview with local radio FM BrisasHe indicated that "at this time I lacked the respect a civil servant, apparently from the government, and I do not allow it because I represent Mar del Plata. "Then he said: "There was nothing with the governor".

The intendant rebuilt how it was the moment when he decided to go to the car. As he explained, he came to the side of his cabinet on the beach in which the event was organized. There, the protocol staff indicated their location, which was reserved for the highest local authority.

"I heard when this official said" I do not care about anything, nobody passes here and nobody gives me orders in my own city. So, for a principle of honor In the city, I retired. I told them explicitly: here, I'm not, gentlemen ", Detailed "With Arroyo they can do whatever they want, with the intendant not, they are not wrong," he said.

The communal chief clarified that Vidal was not involved in the incident because he had not yet arrived. "It has nothing to do with this problem. I am very sorry because I would have liked to be with the lady. Beyond that, this character lacked respect for the intendant and that will not allow ", he pointed out.

As it emerged, the day of the Arroyo act had no disadvantages to express its disagreement for the little role they gave him from the government and leaving the post said: "This is not a worthy place to an intendant, you do what you want, I'm going ". However, on the last day of the year he gave another version of what had happened and he was defended by the questioning towards his figure.

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