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The Netflix series needs to concentrate on the new characters – Stranger Things – Spoiler Time


the past 4 July Netflix It premiered the third season of Stranger Things, One of the most successful series in its catalog.

With this third part, the show of the brothers Duffer He regained some of the splendor of his first season and much of it was due to the new characters that have appeared. in Stranger Things 3 we met at Robin, Alexei and, finally, we saw more than Billy i Erica. With them, the series proved that he is ready to leave behind Mike, Eleven and the Byers to open a new story.

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This idea is not bad: BillyAs bad, it was excellent. The character played by Dacre Montgomery, That in the second season it was left over, He managed to terrorize us and move around, completing a redemption arch of those who seem to be so trendy in recent times.

Besides, We also had on the side of the bad guys (and not so much) a Alexei, This Russian they take as prisoner Joyce i Hopper which ends up gaining our hearts with their passion for caricatures and the slurpes and what, how BillyHe also dies in a kind of sacrifice after giving all the information to Joyce i Jim, Murdered by his own compatriots. The exchanges between Murray i Alexei They were the best comic relief for the great moments of action that had the third season.

On the other hand, he was also EricaThat we already loved the second season with his brief appearances, and he won his place as part of the regular cast by adding to the adventures headed by Steve i Dustin, Two of the usual favorites. Erica It has the possibility to open a new group of nerds after revealing his extensive mathematical and political knowledge. The sister of Lucas It becomes the heir of things that Will leave behind in the move and everything, including the iconic one Dungeon and dragons That many joy gave them to the children of the original group.

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next Steve i Dustin we also had a RobinMaybe the character we liked most of this third season. Maya Hawke gives life to the young girlfriend of Steve Harrington a Scoops Ahoy!, Who ends up collaborating to decipher the Russian code and appears, in the first instance, as a romantic interest for Steve. However, Robin We are surprised to declare ourselves as the first LGBTQ character in the universe of Stranger Things. Not just for that Robin It deserves more time on the screen: it also works as a great companion for Steve, Helping him to mature and become an adult.

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Each of these new characters proved that the universe of Stranger Things need to expand It is no longer credible that everything happens to them, especially when we are talking about conspiracies involving powerful governments such as the USSR. We need to see more, learn new stories, new realities. This is, without a doubt, one of the keys to keeping the show cool and interesting.

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