Tuesday , May 17 2022

The new edition of Falcon 9 will take a sculpture into space


The sculpture is 30 meters long and will reflect the natural light of our stars

Would be:
Fernanda Sanchez

O yes Elon Musk It occurred to him to launch into the space of Tesla Roadster with models modeled as an astronaut. We knew two things: that Musk is a really eccentric person and that he is basically right when he wants to send something more memorable than a rocket to space; That's why I do not lack support SpaceKs gives the artist Trevor Paglen so one of his sculptures turns around.

It's real "Orbital Reflector" a sculpture in the form of an elongated diamond or sword with a surface capable of reflecting the natural light of our stars. The sculpture measures 30 meters, and the artist has built in collaboration with the Nevada Museum of Art.

How will it get to space?

Here comes the interesting thing: the sculpture will bend until it reaches the size of the brick, and then it will be introduced into the CubeSat that will be attached to the missiles SpaceKs Falcon 9. The launch of this rocket will take place on November 19th.

Once in space, the sculpture will be separated 563 km above the Earth. Obviously, the reflecting illumination can be seen without problems from the human eye. Two months after they show us all their greatness, it will begin to deserbate until it eventually attracts the gravitational force of the Earth.

This is how the Orbital Spotlight will look like in the universe

It will not be the first time that Paglen interacts with the space, since in 2012 he published The Last Pictures, a silicon album with a series of Earth photos in the hope that an alien being will be able to meet him and can know the way of life on our planet.

Neither will be the first time that the sculpture will surround the space. At the beginning of this 2018, the company Rocket Lab secretly sent a sculpture in the form of a geodetic sphere Humanity Star Peter Beck (CEO of Rocket Lab), provoking endless opinions among the scientific community.

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