Saturday , April 17 2021

The nine most common mistakes that are made in a diet during the summer

Before starting a diet, it is always advisable to ask for a turn with a nutritionist doctor, in order to begin to achieve the desired objective consciously, with a food plan based on what the body needs, with healthy foods that provide minerals , nutrients and fibers.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), a balanced diet – and combined with physical exercise regularly is essential to enjoying good health. Norma Isabel Guezikaraian, Graduate in Nutrition, mentioned in a dialogue with Infobae Some common mistakes commonly caused by people at the time of losing weight, especially during the summer.

The nine errors that should not be made

– Jump the collections: These are essential to get less appetite to the following meals. The ideal thing is that they have 150 calories, which is why they recommend options such as fruits or yogurt.

– Not enough food: Although to lose weight we have to consume less calories, this does not mean that we have to go hungry. It is essential to learn to select foods with few calories but that we are satiated and have a high nutritional power.

-Use a lot of dressing: These condiments contribute a lot of calories and their excessive use can be counterproductive in our diet, as well as being accompanied by a salad or portion of meat. It is advised to use them in small portions.

– Eliminate proteins: It is common to hear that there are diets in which you eliminate the protein, which is found in meats, eggs or dairy products. On the contrary, it is advisable to consume between 300 and 500 grams of daily proteins that allow the feeling of satiety to last longer. In the case of vegetarians, it is recommended to consume legumes and soy.

– Strong dinner: One of the most common mistakes is to eat light (for example, with fruits) during the day and choose the night as the most important meal of the day. On the contrary, and in accordance with the saying, it is recommended to "eat as king, eat as a prince and have dinner as a beggar". At night the body does not need energy and the nutrients are stored in the deposits (fat and glycogen).

– Soot in snacks: many times the moment of greatest weakness arises in the afternoon, when we opt for invoices or some other greasy food. So that a snack is really healthy and retains its function allowing it to arrive with a feeling of satiety in the next meal, it is advisable that it be composed of a bit of protein, fiber and complex hydrates (yogurt with cereals and fruits, an orange juice with toasts with cheese or an infusion with whole wheat bread cheese).

– saute meals: Not only is it advisable to skip meals, but it is advisable to add collections between the four meals per day. This will allow us to reach meals with a feeling of satiety and eat smaller portions.

– Restrict food: There are no good or bad foods, but the problem is usually in portions and / or combinations. For this reason, the choice of diets that restrict the consumption of certain foods leads to a reduction in weight in the short term but causes anxiety and the risk of a rebound effect.

– Take detoxifying juices: all citrus fruits favor liver purification due to their detoxifying properties, but when liquefied or sweetened they reduce the feeling of satiety and increase the sugar. When we eat, we consume a greater amount of caloric intake, therefore it is recommended to consume whole fruit as a collection.

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