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"The quote to kill her," the crude account of the murdered woman's mother in Bariloche

January 30, 2019

Mariela, the mother of Valeria Coppa, explained that her daughter and wife had recently finished a relationship and said that he mentioned her in the Cathedral with the goal of ending the his life

woman murdered

he femicide of Valeria Coppa shocked the city of Bariloche. The woman, 40, was assassinated with a shot on his head at the door of the Cathedral Nuestra Señora del Nahuel Huapi and the The main suspect is his ex-girlfriend, Mariano Cordi, who at this time is fugitive and is looked for by a large part of the Police of the Patagonian city.

Now, Mariela, The victim's mother offered creepy details about feminicide. "The guy went directly to kill her, he programmed it, quoted him to kill him."He assured, and at the same time explained that his daughter and her ex-girlfriend had recently finished a relationship and that he mentioned her in the Cathedral.

In addition, the woman explained that Valeria worked half a block from the place where he was killed and that he had finished his turn few minutes before going to the place where he received the shot.

main suspect
The police search Mariano Cordi intensely, accused of feminicide.

"It is seen that they were staying here"Valeria's mother maintained, adding: "Apparently they had done little. I was trusted by a friend. The man was very jealous".

On Tuesday at 16 Coppa he received a shot on his head in front of the Cathedral of Bariloche, and died hours later in the hospital. The police arrived at the site thanks to a call to 911 alerting to the presence of a wounded person, who apparently had fallen from a bicycle on the path, just a few meters away from the street Vicealmiral O & # 39 ; Connor

However, once doctors came to the site they found out Coppa had a bullet wound on her head. The woman was referred to the Ramon Carrillo Zonal Hospital, where she lost her life near midnight.

A woman was shot dead in the center of Bariloche

The victim, a mother of two minors, exercised as a nurse specialized in mental health at the National Secretary of Childhood, Adolescence and Family (SENNAF) in the Rhinegrin city.

"At this time my daughter lies in a cold corpse deposit. Until yesterday I was alive, I went to work and this wretched man killed me, he murdered me "She pointed to her mother, torn in tears.

"I want you to find him and rot in prison. I know my daughter does not return her. I will not listen to it anymore. I will not see her anymore ", sorry for the woman

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