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The revealing autopsy details of odontologist Gissella Solís Carrer

January 30, 2019

His body was found yesterday next to a route in Villa Elisa. He was buried and covered by a sheet. He had been missing 13 days.

Solis Street

After the finding of the body of the Gissella Solís Carreras dentist this Tuesday morning on the side of a route to Villa Elisa, Increases the mystery about the causes of his death.

In this regard, the first results of the autopsy of the woman who was missing 13 days, revealed that "there is no obvious cause of death" And the forensics explained what The body does not display signs of attack or defense, or asphyxia.

With these preliminary data, the researchers returned to the hypothesis that resonated most since its disappearance: poisoning. Although to finish confirming this possibility they will have to wait for toxicological analyzes, which will be keys to determine the cause of death.

That is why researchers do not rule out any hypothesis. "The theory indicates that it could have been asphyxiated with the obstruction of the respiratory tract, for example, with a pillow or hands without a mark", Explained a source of the case at

The body of the dentist, who had disappeared since January 16, It was found this Tuesday at the edge of a route up the hill of Vila Elisa. The Buenosairean Police arrived at this point thanks to data provided at 911 and the analysis of security cameras in the area.

The pair of the dentist committed suicide that has disappeared for 6 days

he The main suspect of femicide is the victim's ex-boyfriend, Abel Casimiro Camps, Who decided to end his life in a hotel while the police were looking for him to give him an inquiry.

According to the report of the relatives of Solis, the woman had disappeared after a strong discussion with her ex-boyfriend, for the double life that he had been carrying for about three years: I was married and had two children in the city of Buenos Aires de Lobería. The last weekend before his death, the man went to visit his family and then moved to La Plata.

"We do not know if the boyfriend acts alone or receives the help of someone else"The head of the Bonaerense Police, Fabián Perroni, informed about the possibility of an accomplice.

he Gissella's body was buried and wrapped in a sheet at a depth of 40 centimeters, Near the drop off of the highway to the height of Vila Elisa.

"We found Gissella, thanks for accompanying us. My hope was to find it alive, but I found it dead. This unfortunate killed my sister and she dismembered my family", Said Mariela Solís.

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