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The rise in rates, behind the increase in the use of cards


them Transactions with credit and debit cards made in November increased 14% on average with respect to the same month of 2017, with one raise in the volume of invoicing in pesos superior to 40% year-on-year, according to the latest report by Atacyc, the camera that groups the main broadcasters in the sector.

The data at first glance is surprising, as in November it was not an exception within the year in terms of falls in consumption figures, in an area of ​​collapse in an important part of the # 39; year. Thus, in the penultimate month of the year, the Consumption fell 6% according to a report from the consultant Kantar Worldpanel, which specializes in investigating the behavior of consumers.

the Latest official data, Corresponding to the month of October, were not better: year-on-year sales in supermarkets and shopping recorded falls of 10% and 18.6% respectively.

So what happened

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The mystery is unveiled when the use is disjointed that was given to each type of card. It arises, this way, what on the side of the debit card The sector with the greatest movement in November was payment of services, With an increase of 47.9% in the amount of operations and 95.5% in volume in pesos. This increase is determined by the exponential rate increase registered during the year, although it did not have a specific rise in November, it marks the period and explains the amount of money and operations during the whole year which are made for this item. This apart from changes in consumer behavior, Which is increasingly using plastics and homebanking for all types of operations.

The payment of services followed, in the use of debit, the purchase of passages in airlines, with an increase of 43.8%, and 48.1%, with respect to operations and invoicing, respectively. A heading where you low cost and the deregulations of the aerocomercial marketWith promotions and an aggressive tariff policy, they helped.

in The use of the credit card also verified the weight that had the rises in the rates, Since iThe "service payment" item was ranked second with an increase of 24.2% in operations and 81.7% in the volume of turnover.

The recurrence of credit cards to pay for services is a fact about what the analysts are saying, as an indication of the punishment it meant for families to increase the rate in a year of parities that did not reach, in general, to cover the deterioration produced by inflation.

In the field of credit cards leadership had, however, the mobile phone item with a 34.6% increase in transactions and 56.2% in the sum in relation in comparison with the same month of the previous year.

In turn, the items that showed a decline in credit card operations in November compared to the same month in 2017 were household items, with a drop of 23.0% in the total of transactions; followed by furniture and mattresses (-18.3%), and clothing and footwear (-11.1%).

On the other hand, in debit cards the items that diminished their number of transactions were also clothing and footwear (-8.9%), furniture and mattresses (-8.6%), and articles from the Home (-8.0%).

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