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The search of Emiliano Sala was resumed and the family recovered hope – 2019.01.27


"We will go to the end. We will not stop anything." Romina, the sister of Emiliano Sala, had announced last Thursday, after the Guernsey Police reported they were not going to continue to look for the plane in which Argentina traveled . And this Sunday it was proved that it is like this: it is that in the first hour the operative was resumed to find the player and David Ibbotson, the pilot.

With two ships and more than 300 thousand euros that were collected through a collection, it is performing a new rake on the Channel of the Hose. The fundraising campaign mobilized more than 2,300 people. And thanks to it, the search for the Piper PA-46 Malibú, a single-engine device, was being held, where Sala was traveling, 28, next to the pilot.

The family received the support of several soccer players, among them the Argentine international, Lionel Messi, Gonzalo Higuain and Nicolás Otamendi, who also called to resume the search. The Argentine Foreign Minister made a "formal request" in France and the United Kingdom to "request the maintenance of the device" search.

The plane in which Sala traveled and the pilot disappeared from the radar at 20H20 GMT, about 20 km from the British island of Guernsey, located on the Channel of La Manga. The airship of the neighboring island of Jersey specified Monday night that the plane and its two occupants, flying at first 5,000 feet, asked to go down and fly to 2,300 feet before disappearing of radars

Room flew from Nantes, where I had fired from colleagues at the club in Cardiff, where I had to join the training sessions with her new Premier League team. In both cities, the disappearance of the soccer player has caused a great emotion. The Nantes coach, Vahid Halilhodzic, acknowledged that he was living "the toughest moment in my career".

What is still intriguing the researchers is the type of license that the pilot had in his possession, which apparently did not have the right to transport passengers charging, according to the British press.

Originally from Crowle, in the north of England, Ibbotson had a private driving certificate, the federal aviation agency (FAA), which registered the # 39; appliance

Depending on the European Union aviation rules, a private pilot licensee can not receive compensation for passenger transport.

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"We do not ask Emiliano to pay his flight," was defended by Willie McKay, the British player's representative, who added that he hired the flight through a third person, without choosing a pilot no plane

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To confirm his version, the representative showed the SMS between his son McKay Jack, cardiff player, and Emiliano Sala, in which the first proposed free organization of the trip to Argentina.

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