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The second lunar eclipse was seen throughout Argentina chronic


The second 2019 year lunar eclipse could be seen this afternoon partially from Argentina, and for some hours it was also appreciated from Europe and Africa.

Two weeks after the total solar eclipse that crossed the Argentine territory, a partial lunar eclipse was visible in the afternoon on Tuesday, since the alignment of the Sun, the Earth and the Full Moon will not go away find it in a straight line

"It is true that the moon rotates around the Earth every month, but it does not always fit into the Earth's shadow. The lunar trajectory around the Earth is inclined compared to the # 39 ; Earth orbit around the sun. The Moon can be behind the Earth and even so receive sunlight. The lunar eclipse is a special event. " NASA has indicated on its website.

The Moon entered the penumbra at 17.02, had its maximum splendor at 18.31 and ended at 20; from our country the astronomical event was seen recently from 18.45 and the penumbral stage will conclude in Argentina at 21.17.

The last lunar eclipse lasted January 21 and crossed large parts of the world, including America, parts of northern Siberia and western Europe; On this occasion, the partial eclipse passed through most of Africa, the Middle East and parts of India.

The next lunar eclipse will not happen until next year, although the four that will occur in 2020 will only be penumbra, which are much weaker than partial or full eclipses.

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