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The Snake for a limited time!


I raise the hand who killed dead hours when there were no smartphones playing the Snake on your Nokia. What time, right? Maybe there were no applications, neither 3D games nor free-to-play, but that pixelated screen, with the line that crossed the panel, was not enough to have fun with the phone. It was so fun that the Serpent returns again and again, Now in Google Maps.

Tomorrow is the day of the innocent Anglo-Saxon, named April Fools' Day. Google always introduces games and jokes in its applications; with special mention a Google Maps. For the map application we have seen Pokémon, in Zelda … And this year it's time to play with the snake, The mythical one Snake of Nokia mobile phones. Do you want to try this hidden game? Well, you can. And without downloading anything!

Access your Google Maps application and enter the new Snake game

Play the Snake on Google Maps: New Hidden Game!

You do not need to download anything, or upgrade your own Google Maps: The Snake is now available on your mobile. Since the game is in a map application, Google has located the scenarios in different parts of the globe. Cairo, Sao Paulo, London, Sydney, San Fransisco (Yes, with "s") i Tokyo. Each city has a similar Snake board, but its own elements will appear that we will have lunch with the Snake.

To play the new joke April Fools' Day just do the following:

  • Go to the Google Maps app or see the webpage.
  • Expand the side menu and click "Play snake".
  • You will enter directly into the game: you just have to choose the city and handle the Snake by sliding your finger on the screen.

Play the Snake on Google Maps: New Hidden Game!

It is a simple game, without complications and where it is very difficult to achieve a high score. Above, you do not need to install anything since comes integrated into Google Maps. Of course, the Snake will not last long: when the April Fools' Day, which is celebrated on April 1, the game should disappear. Take advantage of these days to recover the time when there were no other games on the phone.


Author: Google LLC


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